How To Pull More With Posters – Here’s A Dozen Poster Design Tips

  Posters are one of the most powerful ways to announce a new idea, event or warning  to a large number of people within a local area. But much like a street sign, people are usually on the move or standing still for a short time – at a bus stop, in a store, waiting for a friend. That means posters

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Promotional Tips and Marketing Ideas for Easter

  Ready to Spring into Action, and Breath New Life Into Your Business? Need to reignite your customer relationships, both internal and external? Is it time to re-engage with lapsed client relationships, and communities? Time to re-boot company morale? Time to promote something new this quarter? Look no further than Easter for inspiration. Time to take a hint from Mother

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Get More than Lucky. St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas, Hacks And Promo Tips

If you’re in business in Ireland, you’ll probably stick out like a sore thumb if you didn’t do SOMETHING for the forthcoming Paddy’s day weekend. An especially significant  time of year if you are in Tourism, Destination Management, Hospitality, Festivals & Events or Venue Management. Why? It’s one of the biggest Tourist led weekends in Ireland where visitors numbers will be

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Business. Get That Relationship Back On Track!

Get that Customer Relationship back on track!  It’s time to put the ‘Relationship’ back into Relationship Marketing. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get your customer relationship back on track with the simplest gestures. Why bother with Valentine’s Day Gifts?     In a competitive market saturated with advertising messages on every medium and newsfeed; A simple, physical real

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Wrap Up Christmas With 12 Merry Marketing Tips

12 Christmas Marketing Tips. Our Essential Holiday Season checklist for your Business. A handy online & offline to do list for End of Year preparations.

7 Reasons To Contact Your Customers – Nurture Customer Relationships

Sensible Tips That Nurture Customer Relationships Scan this blog for common sense reasons for contacting customers in person, and ways to use inside sales teams to develop more business.  Pick up easy-to-use scripts and methods for learning more about your customers. We also include a seasonal calendar for getting in touch. It doesn’t have to be a call, especially if

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Snap Gets One And Gives One At The 2017 Irish Franchise Awards

Winner of Best Franchise Marketing, and a Certificate of Excellence for Snap Dun Laoghaire.   Snap celebrated franchising success on May 19th at the Radisson Blu St.Helens during the 2017 Irish Franchise Awards held in association with AIB. We came home as winners of Best Franchise Marketing Campaign and were also proud sponsors of the Best Support to the Franchise Sector

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How To Build A Business Brand To Believe In

How to do it in 9 Steps There’s a lot of noise these days about brand-building. Why? It’s the quickest way to that economic holy grail that every business should want – that of possessing an unbeatable monopoly. It can seem like an subjective idea based on perception or, the most precious long-term asset a business can have. So what

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7 Print Finish Terms Every SME Owner & Marketer Needs To Know

Your Snappy Guide to Print Finishes Starts Here Get the best look, feel and results from your print jobs. Understand what different print finishes mean, and how they can be used, and what’s involved in print finishing.   A Snapshot of Print History Ever since Johannes Gutenberg released the first Printing Press 1.0. technology has changed our ability to reproduce

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Snap Sponsors at Citywest Convention Centre, Dublin

This free event boasts more than 1000 attendees expected, 150 exhibitors and more than a dozen sponsors ready to help small businesses build their businesses way in 2017. Snap is proud to bring this helpful event for Irish Small Business as topline sponsors. We welcome you to head down this April 26th at the Citywest Convention Centre in Dublin. Snap

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