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Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Business. Get That Relationship Back On Track!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Business

Get that Customer Relationship back on track! 

It’s time to put the ‘Relationship’ back into Relationship Marketing.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get your customer relationship back on track with the simplest gestures.

Why bother with Valentine’s Day Gifts?

Valentine Business Gift

In a competitive market saturated with advertising messages on every medium and newsfeed;

  • A simple, physical real world gesture or gift stands out. Be noticed.
  • A branded gift makes you memorable in the eyes of your customer and creates a lasting impression especially if the gift is useful. Be unforgettable.
  • Say ‘Thank You’ to loyal customers or ‘I Miss You’ to the clients you’ve lost track off. Be human.
  • Great marketing is all about going beyond the expected. Reach out with a delightful gesture. Be Personal.

Here are some ideas for creating those little moments of delight!

Personalised Valentine’s Day Cards

Print Personalised Corporate Greeting cards

It’s the simplest gesture.

Nothing beats getting a card in your real-world inbox that’s not a bill or piece of advertising

Want to make it memorable?

  1.  Personalise every card with your client’s name and more
  2. Tell them they’re awesome – add a personal note or observations
  3.  Add an offer or entertain with an inspirational quote
  4.  Combine your direct mail with an email campaign to reinforce your image
  5. Share the love. Show compassion. Create cards that include donations to a chosen charity

Need to customise your card with a branded message and graphic?

Talk to our in-house graphic design teams; we will print and post your card for you too.

Learn more about our corporate greeting card service and grab a quote.

Valentines Day Candy & Foodie Treats

A Valentine’s day candy delivery is the perfect way to keep clients sweet.

We can help you source these treats:

  1. Confectionery in brand colours imprinted with your personal image or company logo.
  2. Branded packaging for Valentine’s Day candy and chocolate.
  3. Food hampers and gift boxes personalised with your brand colours.


Valentine’s Day Gift Vouchers

Valentine Gift Vouchers

A way to package your company Valentine’s day campaign in all the right brand visuals.

Turn your seasonal offer, discount, or add-on services into a branded gift voucher.

Or send a little pamper treat. Encourage your customers to spoil themselves.

An irresistible opportunity for a smart, topical direct mail campaign.

The trick is in wrapping it all up in a visually impactful gift voucher. We can help you design and produce one.

Valentine’s Day Branded Gifts

Valentine branded Teddy Gift

Where do you begin?

Well for a start make sure the Valentines gift you send is relevant to the person you are sending it to and resonates with your brand.

  1.  Seasonal branded apparel. Gift a pair of smartphone-friendly gloves with the caption “Cold hands warm heart.”
  2.  Custom made nail polish in your brand colours with the message: “Let us Colour in your day..”
  3. Branded fitness trackers with the message: “Happy to help in a heartbeat.”
  4. Consider travel accessories such as travel bags, luggage tags or passport holders  branded with the message “Happy to help wherever you are..”
  5. And most of all smartphone and mobile device accessories are always a good bet. Get creative with smartphone speakers, headphones or selfie sticks.
  6. Valentines Day is a great time to be personable, playful and human. You can get branded soft toys and teddies with your brand stamped on them. The perfect gift if there is an animal in your company logo or branding.

Clever Valentine’s Day Re-Packaging 

Branded packaging for valentine gifts

If you do not have time to source customised promotional products or branded gifts in time, no need to panic

Thanks to the power of print there are ways to repackage any gift:

  1. Stickers are the quickest way to stamp your brand.  Use them on a favourite confectionery or treat.
  2. Customise hampers with branded packaging and fill them with what you know to be your clients’ favourite treats.
  3. Create branded goodie bags and fill them with offers and treats.

Create A Community Event 

Create Corporate Community events for Customer Relationship Marketing

It doesn’t have to be consumables or sending stuff. What about a gathering? no harm in bringing your community together and inviting all your clients and stakeholders to an onsite or off-site gathering.

  • Thank you cake and coffee morning
  • Evening cocktails to help them chase the Winter Blues
  • Open day Tea party at the office
  • Barbecue and beer out back if your premises allow for it

Ready to kick-start the New Year with some smart customer relationship marketing?

Bottom Line? Valentines is about showing you care AND  getting personal. Go on…Be human.

Call into your local Snap Centre or request a quote today.