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Take Advantage Of Digital

At Snap, we are experts in designing and printing your brochures and we really understand and value the power of print. We appreciate all the time and effort it takes to create the perfect brochure: the hard work involved in designing and writing, filling every last inch of the page.

Given all of this work, we want to make sure all of that work is optimised. It is a wasted opportunity to invest in careful copywriting and design without adding an online element. We encourage our clients to take advantage of these opportunities. One way of taking advantage is creating an e-publication.

Why Create An E-Publication?

E-Publications offer the ability to enhance information with additional elements, in a cost-effective way and enabling the information to reach a wide audience. This means you can easily increase both the reach and the ROI of your brochure.

One clear benefit is they are shareable. There are a number of ways you can use digital means to share your document that come at no extra cost once your document is created. This kind of reach is not easily achieved using any other medium.

You can send e-documents to customers, or prospect databases, by email or by publishing on your website. This allows people who are interested in your offering, to easily access your document and learn more. You can even make the document downloadable so your readers can read it at a time and place that is easy for them.

Another place it can be shared is on social media. Social media is a great medium for growing audiences and increasing engagement with your brand. By sharing your digital document on social media, you allow a new audience to get an in depth look at what you do and appreciate the knowledge and skills you have.

What Type Of Document Can Be E-Published?

These kinds of formats work equally well for image-rich and text rich documents. A high-quality image always looks even sharper on screen. Our team has the knowledge and experience to advise you of the best design and ensure your publication looks exactly how you imagine it.

E-publications allow viewers to scroll through as they would a regular brochure. Leaflets or pages that contain a lot of text work well also – be sure to have them interspersed with images. Electronic formats also ensure the reader views the document in the order you intended when designing it, which is something you can never fully guarantee with printed content.

“The book effect” is an interesting feature that can be used that offers the reader a more natural and enjoyable reading experience compared with a standard scrolling PDF. The document feels more like a familiar brochure rather than an online document. This design allows you to adapt your existing brochure in a very simple way if your brochure is normally a double page spread.

What We Can Do

We have a number of ways that we can help with e-publishing. So when you print your brochures with us, we can also create an e-publication for you. The services we can provide include:

  1. Brochure design
  2. Image sourcing, graphics creation and copywriting
  3. E-publication generation
  4. Email marketing

It’s a no-brainer; you’ve spent on design. You’ve put time into writing it; take advantage of online and make an e-publication.

If you want any more information, or would like a quote for e-publication contact us below.