Brand Identity

Look the way you feel:

Invest in strong brand identity.

Your brand design or brand identity tells everyone what to expect from your business, reassures existing customers and distinguishes you from competition. Tell your prospective customer what your business stands for, efficiently and accurately.

What is Brand Design?

Brand design is how your business presents every piece of its visual communications. It is how you design & present your company name, logo, design, fonts, tagline or descriptors associated with your company, products or services.

Your marketing success needs good branding. It is essential to:

  • Build brand loyalty and trust.
  • Attract attention.
  • Build a preference for your brand.
  • Establish credibility.
  • Help increase your ROI.

Make your brand work harder:

Be consistent across all of your business collateral – from stationery and printed marketing materials to your online presence. Make your presence known by using different platforms.

Why talk to Snap about Branding?

A professionally designed brand campaign created by Snap benefits from:

  • Our 100-year-old history. We have evolved from a consistent producer of relevant artwork to becoming a fully integrated marketing company.
  • A full branding program from people who have been producing a wide variety of collateral through the years across Ireland. Roll out your new look to every aspect of your business to ensure consistency across your entire marketing mix.
  • Innovative ideas. There will always be new materials, technology, and platforms on which you can implement your brand design. Our suppliers and partners work with us daily to bring new methods and services to life.

Snap loves branding.