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Email Marketing

From Direct Mail To Email Marketing With Snap

Email Marketing is a significant contributor to online marketing – yet is often overlooked. Emails are opened on average 25% with a 2.5% click-through.

Customer Segmentation

Marketing emails are becoming more and more focused and relevant. Customer profiling and segmentation add enormous value to email marketing – such that we are sending relevant information solely to prospects and customers.

Automated marketing systems also play a part here – use them to identify and classify your prospect based on their interaction on your website.

Image Quality Is Key

Great graphics mean more clicks – and that’s where we can really help you. As well as the campaign design, Snap creates custom graphics, and will create a campaign template that suits your business across every platform for a consistent branded campaign.

Mobile Optimisation For The Highest Views

Mobile devices form the backbone of our daily media consumption. Mobile is now taking 48% of the email opening. Develop a “mobile first” email strategy; prioritise your message on mobile devices.

Our digital services include:

  • Campaign creative concept
  • Campaign design
  • Campaign graphics
  • Set-up and design of business template
  • Campaign sending
  • Campaign reporting