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Combine The Power Of Print And Digital

9 Ways To Integrate Your Marketing

Your customers have the Internet in their back pockets now. Whether it’s through Google search, social media, reviews, recommendations, instant messaging, text or emails, digital communication is the new word-of-mouth.

Get more out of these channels by integrating your digital marketing with print.

There will always be a need for printed material, whether is flyers for your next direct mail campaign, a poster for your in-house displays, outdoor advertising or banners and brochures for your next event.

Print gets you past overloaded inboxes, online ad-blockers and reaches people when SEO and Wifi can’t.

Pack a more powerful punch by integrating your digital campaigns AND your next print run.

DigiGal’s infographic shows you 9 easy ways to Combine Print and Digital 

Combine the power of print & Digital infographic

1. Personalise Your Message With Variable Digital Printing

Personalisation is possible online and offline too.The combination of Variable Digital Print technology and better customer data allows us to personalise your print collateral. 

You can embed tailored, personalised messages in graphics and images.

Every page in that next print run can be personalised without slowing down the print process.

Why bother? Personalisation delights. It makes the moment memorable for the recipient. It can lead to the irresistible need to share on social media.

Here’s what you can do: 

  1. Personalised direct mail messages, based on your customer purchase history
  2. Personalised consumer packaging. Add your customer’s name to product labels or packaging stickers before delivery.
  3. Personalised promotional products in an event goody bag, tailored with your delegate’s name.
  4. Personalised offers in your flyer drop based on your client’s location.

Why not use variable printing in conjunction with social media campaigns? 

Encourage your subscribers to sign up for free goodies and offers on the social channels they follow the most. 

Take it beyond demographics like gender and age. Add context to their experience of your product and how they interact with you. A printed flyer could have different messages.

Personalised Marketing with Digital Variable printing
Personalised Marketing with Digital Variable printing



Design Visual content for Digital Channels
Design Visual content for Digital Channels

2. Combine Print and Digital with Optimised Graphic Design

Investing in graphic design for your print campaign? Make it count online too. Snap ensures a unified visual identity across all marketing collateral.

Effective graphics lead to more clicks, and that’s where we excel. Snap creates versatile campaign templates for a branded, cohesive approach.

Deliver a consistent visual message across print and digital: website banners, social media, and more.It’s a two-way street. Your outstanding online visuals should shine in event signage, posters, and sales collateral.Snap transforms your visuals for any channel, optimised for all formats, ensuring top-notch image quality.

Save time by entrusting it all to Snap’s expert graphic design teams.

Learn More Here

3. Make Social Media Sharing Easy, Everywhere

Boost Your Social Media & Print Synergy

Got a strong social media presence? Want to make it even better?

Leverage it for a successful launch of your print marketing campaigns, and vice versa.

Announce upcoming catalogues, offers, or coupons through social posts to engage potential customers.

Create a campaign hashtag and integrate it into your print materials. A seamless link between print and digital campaigns. Keep hashtags simple for easy recall and audience engagement.

Include social media buttons, concise URLs, and handles in your printed materials, such as business cards, flyers, brochures, and point-of-sale displays.

Facilitate online connections for your audience, garner more followers, and guide them to exciting contests, ultimately boosting your Likes.

Learn More Here

Use Hashtags in Print
Use Hashtags in Print


Use QR Codes in Print
Use QR Codes in Print

4. QR Codes & Personalised URLs to track traffic

Boost Print-to-Online Engagement

Bridge the gap between your print and online marketing channels with trackable precision. Leverage QR codes and personalised URLs, allowing recipients to seamlessly transition from print marketing to your landing page using their smartphones.

Statistics reveal smartphones as the primary device for Irish consumers, with 86% owning or having access to one, surpassing laptops (80%) and tablets (60%).

Embed QR codes in your printed material, encouraging audience interaction and delivering in-depth information.You can elevate your strategy with personalised or diverse URLs on your print materials, enabling segmentation and customer tracking.

Gather valuable data on who engaged with your printed material, when, and their subsequent actions.

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5. Use Direct Mail & Email Together

Direct marketing campaigns thrive when you seamlessly transition between offline and online communication.

Why Choose Direct Mail?

  1. Direct mail offers a tangible way to reconnect with clients, making a lasting impression beyond the digital realm.
  1. It provides a unique, tactile experience, particularly appealing to millennials entrenched in online data filters.
  1. Creative and personalised printed mail campaigns stand out and avoid inbox spam filters, ensuring your message gets noticed.

Once you’ve captured their attention, reinforce your offers and updates with online content.

Empower recipients to:

  1. Make easy purchases through a conversion-focused landing page.
  2. Engage with informative or entertaining product videos.
  3. Participate in enjoyable activities like a Facebook photo caption competition.

Why Opt for Email?

Leverage email campaigns to rapidly reach a broader audience, especially on mobile devices, and cover vast geographical distances cost-effectively.

Snap can seamlessly transform your direct mail graphics into email flyers and vice versa.

Learn More Here

Ise Direct Mail & Email Together
Direct Mail & Email


Transform print into digital publications & ebooks
Transform print into digital publications & ebooks

6. Discover E-publishing and Digital Publisher

If you regularly create heavy-duty printed materials like newsletters, training manuals, product catalogues, or reports, we have the perfect solution for you.

Transform your seasonal and information-rich publications into versatile online documents using our E-Publishing and Digital Publishing solutions.

You can also convert your brochures into engaging slide presentations.

By doing so, you can distribute your in-depth content more efficiently, reaching a wider audience at a lower cost, even while they’re on the move.

Share your digital publications via email, social media, or app downloads, turning them into easily shareable, mobile-friendly, and trackable assets.

Enhance your digital publications with features such as:

  • Rich multimedia elements
  • Video and audio files
  • Links to web pages and documents
  • Page links for quick navigation
  • Email links for easy communication
  • Internal search for speedy access to specific information.

Talk to Snap today to explore incorporating these features into your next digital publication.

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7. Go Mobile with Smartext Messages

SmartText revolutionises SMS marketing, transforming your standard text messages into engaging, visually-rich experiences.

With SmartText, your promotional messages are delivered to your customers as mobile landing pages, enhancing the visual appeal and interactivity of your offers.

These mobile pages contain comprehensive details about your promotion and feature compelling calls to action.

Recipients can effortlessly access more information, initiate calls, or send inquiries via email directly from the page.

How it Works:

At Snap, we design your branded SmartText Page with eye-catching graphics.

We can either send the text broadcast on your behalf or design the page, providing you with a short link to include in your broadcast.

Reach thousands of fingertips at once with SmartText.


Learn More Here

Smartext SMS marketing
Smartext SMS marketing


Print Comes alive with Augmented Reality
MAke Print come Alive with Augmented Reality

8. Bring Print Alive with Augmented Reality

Experience the Future of Print: Augmented Reality (AR)

Imagine flipping through a brochure, magazine, or catalogue and suddenly witnessing images, products, or content coming to life before your eyes. This is the magic of Augmented Reality (AR) in print.

With AR technology, your static print materials become dynamic and interactive. Simply use your smartphone or tablet to scan designated markers, and watch as additional layers of digital information, animations, or 3D models overlay on the page.

Augmented Reality in print offers endless possibilities:

  1. Showcase product demos in 3D.
  2. Provide immersive tours of real estate properties.
  3. Engage readers with interactive games and quizzes.
  4. Deliver video demonstrations and tutorials.

Bringing print to life with AR not only captures attention but also enhances user engagement, making your print materials truly unforgettable.



Use Call to Actions on Print and Digital
Use Call to Actions on Print and Digital

9. Drive Traffic with a Call To Action

Transform your static print materials into active engagement tools by incorporating strategic CTAs (Call-to-Actions).

Give your audience a reason to take action and seamlessly integrate print with digital campaigns.


Encourage social media follows for a chance to win a prize.

Invite subscriptions for exclusive offers and updates.

Include promo codes for online shopping incentives.

Provide links to downloadable guides, games, or videos.

CTAs in print drive online engagement and offer valuable customer data insights.

Ready to upgrade your print materials? Need help redesigning your next campaign?



How To Create A Roadmap For Combining Print And Digital Campaigns

We’ve shown you a veritable dashboard of tools to help you cross the print and digital divide.

Turbo charge your marketing even further with a roadmap.

Before embarking on this journey you’ll need a strong sense of direction.

The creative content in your campaigns will depend on the following:

1. Write down your goals and priorities

Is it Increased Website Traffic, more followers and subscribers or sales leads?

2. Be clear about who you are targeting

This determines your campaign content. What solutions do they require?  Is it Thought leadership or entertaining storytelling they want?

3. Map out the digital footprint and offline journeys of your target customer.

When and where will they be responsive to your messages

4. Create a content calendar

That integrates print and digital messaging in tandem.

5. Agree on the format you content will take online and offline.

Will you be sharing infographics? Will you be creating a more detailed white paper or ebook.

6. Make sure the information you send out is shareable, trackable and flexible to adaptation.

7. Communicate and coordinate within your organisation.

Allow teams to see the complete picture. Allow the sharing of data across departments.

8. Monitor your KPIs regularly.  

Adapt the online message accordingly

9. Listen for feedback

Always provide a point of contact in all your channels. Allow your customers to talk back.

For more information on how to build your business with the power of print and digital contact your local Snap Centre or call us at 1850 812002.