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Digital Publishing Service

From Print To Landing Page

At Snap, we are constantly adapting to fit the business needs of our clients with the most relevant solution. Combining the use of digital publishing with print to better create your best soft copy of any document is one of these solutions.
Digital conversion from print can increase your reach and potential engagement with readers.

Is Digital Publishing For You?

Digital publishing can benefit businesses that aim to reach large numbers of people both locally or over a number of countries.

Living in the digital age, more and more people rely on digital for almost all of their communications. Smartphones are found in most pockets, and laptops and tablets sit on most people’s desks. All of these screens provide a great opportunity to connect with a wide variety and amount of people.

If you produce any amount of heavy duty print work, or create newsletters, training manuals, product catalogues, or reports regularly, a soft print of them can be created with our digital publishing service. We can help you transform printed content into readable, shareable and trackable content for any device.

Benefits Of Digital Publishing

Responsive Design

We can convert your documents to formats that can adapt to various different devices and programmes. We call this responsive design, it means your readers can read the document on a number of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The document will adapt to whatever device they are reading it on, meaning the user experience is better than just a simple PDF.

Increase Your Audience

A digital copy of your documents gives you the option of contacting and engaging with more people. Where restrictions may exist when it comes to printing and transporting physical copies of something, these kinds of limitations are lifted when it comes to digital. Once a content is produced it can be easily reproduced and shared with large audiences. This also opens up global communication channels.


The shareable nature of digital publishing allows you to grow your audience. As the documents will be easily shared by email or through social media, a large amount of people could potentially see it. With a lot less effort than postage, you can easily share your document with a large volume of readers.

Interactive Formats

Dynamic content can be used to help engage your readers. While on paper only still images and text can exist. On digital formats, features like video, animations, interactive maps and surveys can also exist. These not only make for a better reader experience they can also help you convey information that works best on that platform.

Tracking And Measurability

Snap can handle everything when it comes to transforming print to digital. We can create a digital version from a regular PDF. We can convert to a digital format almost anything you are getting printed with us with no extra effort from you required. We can also create and add any extra elements you would like to add to your electronic copy that couldn’t be done using print to give it that something special.

Talk to Snap about converting your printed publications into readable, shareable, trackable content for any device.


Dynamic QR codes are one step better.

  • You can edit a Dynamic QR Code at any time to redirect your audience to a new online destination. Even after printing
  • You can track campaign performance and click rates. Get to know your mobile customers better
  • You can adapt your offer, content and landing page to any last minute changes even after you’ve sent out the printed material
  • You can link them to social media and video platforms
  • You can brand the code with your company logo
Digital Publishing Does More Than PDF
Publish on multiple devices

Ways To Use Digital Publishing

Some of the many ways  you can apply the flexibility of Digital publishing

  • Create a digital version of any publication prior to print.  Allow your stakeholders to view prior to signing-off on a large print run.
  • Embed your publications in your websites, share the link to social media pages and in email campaigns.
  • Get your content out in real time to far-away global audiences.
  • Bypass any delays in the Print production process if pressed for time.
  • Create Newsstands of multiple brochures and publications.
  • Sell your publications as online content as well as offline.
  • Keep the publication as archive copies of the print job reducing the need for storage.