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Binding Services For Businesses

At Snap, we do our very best to meet all your corporate printing needs. We know that sometimes that means branching out of strictly printing services, like our digital publishing and our binding services. We can add these services onto any printing project ensuring you a perfectly finished final product.

Binding is an excellent way to make your content appear more professional, and create documents that will last a long time. Large documents can be difficult to send or hold together, and that’s exactly where we come in. Whether it’s a creative portfolio, or your corporate guidelines or training manuals, we have a solution that will be perfect for you.

Types Of Binding Available To You

There are lots of different types of binding to choose from, depending on your individual business’ needs. From final year reports to product information leaflets, it can benefit your company in a number of ways. You can talk to our team about what might be best suited to you, but here is a short breakdown of some of the options below.

Perfect Bound Vs Saddle Stitch:

These are two overarching types of binding. An easy way of thinking of these two is as a newspaper and as a book. Saddle stitch is like a newspaper, pages are folded and held together with staples. The end product is not perfectly flat, it has a slight curve to it. Perfect bound, on the other hand, is when pages are held together by something at the seam, more like a book. The end result is flat and streamlined. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing which one, or which overall type of binding you are looking for, it all depends on the finish you are looking for and the function of the document.

Spiral Binding

This involves punching holes in the pages and putting a coil through to hold them together. When being read pages can be folded back in order to keep the bundle as easy to hold as possible. Coils are available in a number of colours or materials which can make for a nice branding detail. Wire binding, for example, is one of the available variants.
Examples: presentation documents, research findings or reports.

Soft Binding

The best example of this type of binding is paperback books. Pages are bound together at a seam with glue and a thick cover put around them, no holes are punched.
Examples are: college prospectus, instruction manuals, large corporate documents.

Book Binding

Just like a hardback book, this type of binding uses a hard shell and a strong glue or string to bind the pages together. Perfect for documents that require a high quality feel and will be kept for a long time or will need to travel a long way as they are remarkably durable and strong.
Examples: dissertations/theses, final year reports, research documents, catalogues.

Thermal Binding

A less permanent solution for documents that may need an addition or amending over time. This process involved heating a strip which binds around the seam of the book holding the contents together. It suits anything that requires a professional finish and can be easily mailed as it is flat.
Examples: legal documents, university theses and large information documents like staff handbooks, guides.

Brochure Binding

A simple form of binding involving pages being folded and stapled together. These are generally quite durable and flexible, allowing them to be easily transported.
Examples: Informative booklets, staff handbooks, event programmes.

Talk to Snap about all of your printing and binding needs.