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Wall, Floor & Ceiling Graphic Solutions

Think Big, Print Big. Show More

Create atmosphere, ambience and an immersive environment. Print any bespoke image to any surface.  Don’t let those blank walls hold you back.

The latest advances in materials and digital print technology give you the power to do more with your space. You can apply engaging bespoke graphics to ceilings, floors and even furniture. Apply them to both interior and exterior surfaces.

At Snap we will help you source the materials and finishes. 

Just Think Big …

  • Create branded spaces.
  • Signpost focal-points in your space.
  • Generate large format wall adverts.
  • Impress with eye-catching retail displays.
  • Develop interactive magnetic walls.
  • Turn your walls into whiteboards and chalkboards.
  • Lead with cutting edge venue decor.

Talk to your local Snap centre, consider our products below and be inspired.


We have a wide variety of Graphic solutions for all your indoor and outdoor spaces

Display your creativity and your brand with the following products.

  • Wallpapers
  • Self Adhesive  Wall Textiles
  • Permanent Self Adhesive Wall Wraps
  • Removable Self Adhesive Wall Wraps
  • Textured Wall Graphics
  • Exterior Wall Graphic Vinyls
  • Dry wipe Whiteboard and Wall Vinyls
  • Chalkboard Wall Vinyl and Film
  • Magnetic Walls & Metalised Vinyls
  • Vinyl Stickers
  • Digitally Printed Flooring and Floor Mats


When you’ve got all that precious real estate, it’s time to start using the spaces at your disposal. Every blank wall is an opportunity.

Consider using wall, ceiling and floor graphics when

  • You are opening a new venue.
  • You are re-vamping your store layout.
  • You are refurbishing new office premises.
  • You are dressing an event venue.
  • You are launching a rebrand
  • You have a guerrilla marketing campaign

Let your imagination loose and #TalktoSnap