Greeting Cards & Invites

Corporate Greeting Cards And Invites

Be Noticed. Spread That Feel Good Factor All Year Round

A personalised printed postcard, greeting card or invite adds an extra dimension to your marketing communications and CRM efforts.

Right now is a good time to start planning your seasonal mail campaigns to those loyal clients.  The tactile pleasure of getting a personalised greeting card, postcard or printed invite in the post will always be superior to a mere email.

It’s classy. You know it.

In an age where every inbox is overflowing with emailed invites, newsletters, and event notices, it is essential to stand out when reaching out to your clients. Don’t let your message disappear in that proverbial haystack of corporate messaging.

Get Your Message across more effectively with Corporate Greeting Cards.

Why Bother With Corporate Greeting Cards?

Invest in an essential gesture that extends your social selling efforts into the real world.

With our Variable Printing facility you can personalise each card – preload any print run of corporate greeting cards with individual client details or a tailored message.

This is an essential part of your Customer Retention Management (CRM) and Relationship Marketing programme.

Research shows that you can expect a 50% increase in sales for every 5% of those customers you retain without having to re-obtain or re-prospect for. It is 7 times harder to prospect for a new customer than it is to retain an existing one.

Printed greeting cards can be a lingering feature on their desk or home when combined with engaging design and personalised visuals. A greeting card can’t be “clicked away” like a digital emailed flyer.

When To Use Corporate Greeting Cards & Invites

At Snap we can do all types of cards.

We will help you create them with our library of templates.

Alternatively, you can use our graphic design team to create one that’s true to your current campaign or Brand Identity in any shape colour or size.

Printed greeting cards come in handy in the following ways:


  • Valentines Day Greeting saying Thank you for Loyality.
  • Corporate Christmas Cards – traditional, contemporary, humorous or classic
  • Event Invites, Save the Date postcards, Event reminders
  • Thank You Cards for returning clients
  • “Save the Date” Event Flyers
  • “We Miss You” cards for lapsed customers
  • Direct Mail Offers
  • Re-order or Renewal postcard reminders
  • Happy Birthday Cards to loyal customers
  • Anniversary Cards for returning customers
  • Easter Campaigns
  • St Patricks Day Campaigns

You can also design and print postcards online.

Ready to stand out from that overcrowded inbox?

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