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Corporate Greeting Cards & Invites

Make an Impact with Corporate Greeting Cards and Invites

Spread Year-Round Cheer with personalised printed postcards, greeting cards, and invites add depth to your marketing and customer relationship efforts. In todays digital age, the joy of receiving a personalised card or invite by mail surpasses mere emails.

Why Choose Corporate Greeting Cards?

Stand out amidst overflowing inboxes and corporate messages. Invest in a gesture that extends your social selling into the real world. Utilise variable printing to personalise each card with client details or tailored messages, a vital component of your Customer Retention Management (CRM) and Relationship Marketing.

Did you know?

Research shows that retaining existing customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Expect a 50% sales increase for every 5% of retained customers. Printed cards with engaging design linger on desks, unlike digital flyers.

When to Use Corporate Greeting Cards & Invites

Snap offers a variety of cards and templates. Use our graphic design team for custom creations that align with your campaign or brand identity.

Here are a few special events that you can mark for personalised greeting cards: 

  • Valentines Day appreciation
  • Corporate Christmas cards
  • Event invites, reminders, and Save the Date postcards
  • Thank you cards for loyal clients
  • Re-engagement with lapsed customers
  • Direct mail offers
  • Re-order or renewal reminders
  • Birthday wishes for loyal customers
  • Anniversary cards for returning clients
  • Seasonal campaigns like Easter and St. Patrick’s Day

Ready to stand out from the crowded inbox? Contact your local Snap Centre or request a quote today to learn more.