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How To Stand Out With Promotional Diaries & Notebooks

There are endless possibilities available to you when it comes to branding corporate diaries,  business notebooks and notepads.  Done right, it could be the corporate gift your clients will use every day and bring everywhere.

Regardless of what’s on the retail shelves, nothing beats customising a corporate gift with your own branding though.

When it comes to diaries and notebooks, modern developments like variable printing, new materials, and print finishes, make it possible to personalise, customise and tailor these products to any lifestyle or business.

Personalise Corporate Diary Cover Design

Personalisation is powerful. With a little bit of personal knowledge and effort, you can make a gift hard to pass on because, well.. it’s unique.

Personalise your branded gifts with a picture that matters to them, an image and of course, their name.

Think about it. There’s loads of diaries and notebooks being gifted to us these days by various suppliers , they’re easy to buy off the shelf – but the ones we don’t pass on and keep close, are the sexy looking ones with clever quips and our names on them.

Produce personalised diaries and notebooks embedded with your client’s name, brand and contact info.

Send us a relevant database and we’ll take care of the rest!

Add A Premium Finish

We’ve loads of ideas to help you customise a branded diary.

  • Cover design is key. Your company logo design can be imprinted or embossed in a variety of finishes. think about the recent trend for Metallics for example.
  • Consider new flexible cover materials such as leather and plastic in addition to the traditional Moleskin lookalikes
  • You can even stamp a watermark on each page. Adapt paper quality and shade
  • Consider Eco-friendly options with sustainably sourced and biodegradable materials
  • Full colour printing makes it easy to unleash your ideas  with good graphic design.

There’s loads you can do with good corporate diary cover design.

Make It Relevant. Make It Functional

There’s more than one kind of person , so no prizes for guessing, there’s more than one way use…and make a diary or a notebook.

Create a diary or calendar that suits the level of detail your customer needs day-to-day .

Make your diaries in A4, or A5 sizes. Make desk-sized or pocket-sized notebooks. There’s always more than one option.

For example…

  • Some of us just need diaries with lots of room for fitting in dates, multiple appointments and reminders. 
  • Maybe you know someone who just needs lots of notebook space for meetings? Busy creatives may like A4 diary – notebook combos with one page for appointments and another for notes, minutes and ideas.
  • Know any super creatives? They may not need lines at all.  Think of all the doodling and mind-mapping they’re fond of doing.
  • Consider adding helpful information such as key company and event dates World Maps, Luas and Dart maps for example.

Main thing to remember:

know who you’re giving these corporate gifts to.  Make it work for them and a branded gift worth hanging on to.

Think about those add-ons like tabs, bookmarks, pen holders and elastic closure bands for keeping your place.

Customise Diaries & Notebooks. Use Visual Wit

You can now make them in a variety of finishes,  add customised graphics, emboss them and most importantly personalise it with a sassy quote or two.

Our ranges offer you many colour covers to choose from with printing options ranging from embossed to full colour graphic or just a watermark.

View some examples here 

Premium Branded stationery

Here’s where you can get creative. and the odd inspirational quote, especially if it’s a unique or topical message made just for them.

Some tips

  1. People respond to humour, wit and the odd bit of cheek Like with this selection: Funny Work Quotes Bring Out the Ha-Ha’s
  2. Add occasional inspirational quotes: no harm in mining : Top 100 Inspirational Quotes by Forbes magazine.
  3. Use local lingo – Here’s something to get you started : 17 DUBLIN SLANG PHRASES EXPLAINED IN PERFECT ENGLISH
  4. Get graphic and make them a caricature they’ll love.

If its the sort of message  that’ll get tweeted with bragging rights, you know you’re on the right track !

Make It Durable

Durability is key. Especially as your customer should be handling this item every day yes?

Options such as  laminated finishes, leather binding, hard PU covers, and higher grade paper stock can do the trick.

Learn More About Creating Your Own Business Stationery Products:

Talk to our sales team for a good range of options.

Our designers can send through ideas to you quickly so that you can review and make adjustments to suit your taste.

Do it with the professional service and quick turnaround times that come with Snap.


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