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Mobile Marketing With Snap

SmartText is a text message with a visual mobile page embedded and linked to the internet. Your promotion or offer appears on your customer’s smartphone, just like a mobile landing page.

Your business has the opportunity to send rich details of any promotion using an interactive mobile page, with a call to action embedded. Users can click for more details, use “touch to call”, or send an email inquiry directly from the page.

How Does It Work?

At Snap we can design the Smart Text Page with your branded graphics. We can send your text broadcast on your behalf or we can simply design the page as we would a flyer and give you a short link to include in your broadcast.

Why Bother With SmartText?

We live and breathe with our smartphones at our fingertips, and we expect the convenience of more information this way. Allow your message to really speak to your customers in the full, technicoloured fashion that they expect.

Our services include:

  • SmartText design
  • Bulk text broadcasting

Ready to bring your whole message to the fingertips of thousands of people at once?



SmartText is a simple product used to enhance outbound SMS communication. SMS can be a very effective marketing tool as SMS messages have an average open rate of 98%. However, as you are generally limited to 160 characters in your message, the amount of information that you can communicate is limited and it can be difficult to measure the return from your campaign.

SmartText solves this problem by allowing you to create a short link which can be embedded within your SMS message. Smartphone users can click on this link to be brought through to a disposable mobile webpage set up specifically for this campaign. This link and webpage enables you to expand on your basic SMS message, using content such as images, text, video – any rich media content you wish – to make your marketing message more informative, more easily accessible and more visually engaging.


Why Use SmartText?

Texting is the most used data service in the world. In Ireland alone, there are over 1 billion texts sent every month. Why is SMS so popular? Because we all carry out phones with us wherever we go. As a result, SMS is a very powerful marketing tool. And SmartText takes it to a new level again.

Why you should undertake a SmartText campaign with Snap today:

  • Text message open rates tend to be between 94-98%, as opposed to email which has an opening rate of at most 22%.
  • Text messages arrive instantly as opposed to email marketing which has to contend with spam filters and may not be read for days, if at all.
  • When coupled with a strong offer to the consumer, SMS campaigns can be extremely cost-effective.
  • Text messaging is environmentally friendly.
  • You can easily track how your clients are responding to your campaigns – see your clickthrough rate, find out how many times your link was viewed, measure your calls to action, see which messages didn’t deliver and so on.

7 Steps To A Successful SmartText Campaign:

  1. Call or email Us at 01 413 5080 /
  2. Decide On The Goals For Your Campaign.
  3. Prepare Your Content.
  4. Prepare Your Mobile Database.
  5. We Create Your Campaign Webpage.
  6. We Send Out Your SmartText to Your Database.
  7. We Track & Measure How Your Campaign Has Performed.


The Snap SmartText Solution

With SmartText, Snap will take care of the whole mobile marketing solution for your business.

  • We will meet with you to discuss your business and what goals you want to achieve from your mobile campaign. There are many ways to utilise this powerful medium and we will take you through all the options.
  • We will design and create a media-rich webpage optimised for your mobile campaign. This webpage can include text, images,video, links contact forms, surveys and more.
  • We will create and supply the short URL to be included in your SMS message.
  • We will create your 160 character SMS message.
  • We will send your SMS messages at very competitive rates via our bulk text solution.
  • We will manage your mobile database on your behalf if you wish.
  • We will show you how SmartText can be used in conjunction with Social Media to maximise the return on your investment.
  • We will track and measure how effective your campaign was in terms of opens, clickthroughs, responses and opt outs.
  • We will meet once again to discuss the results of the campaign and decide what next steps to take in your mobile marketing strategy.