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Print Jargon Explained

Ordering Print Made Simple

How To Order Print

Can I Send Word, PowerPoint Or Excel Files?

Yes, but these may not be print-ready files, so additional work may be needed at your local Snap Centre.

Why Doesn’t The Word File You Printed Look Like The One From My Office Printer?

Word files may not transport fonts and settings to our computer correctly, so a high-resolution PDF is preferred for best results.

What Is A PDF And How Do I Create One?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, a file format that includes fonts, text, graphics, and layout information. You can create a PDF by selecting “Save as PDF” in most Microsoft applications.

What Resolution Do You Require For Photographs, Pictures And Images?

Images should be high resolution, typically 300dpi at 100% of the physical size needed for your printed material.

Can You Print Images From The Internet For Me?

Images from the internet are typically low resolution (72dpi) and may have copyright issues. It’s best to use images from reputable stock photography libraries for print.

How Do I Send Large Files To You?

Our Send File tool which is secure and quick.

What Is The Maximum Size File I Can Send To You Via Email?

The limit varies among Snap Centres, but most have a 4MB limit.

How Do You Want Us To Supply Artwork For Booklets?

You can supply individual pages as PDF files, and we will arrange them in the correct order for the booklet.

Types Of Print

What Is The Difference Between Offset And Digital Printing?

Offset printing uses inks and plates and is cost-effective for large print runs. Digital printing is more economical for short runs and offers high-quality results.

What Is Large Format Printing?

It allows us to print larger posters and banners for trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences.

What Is The Largest Sheet You Can Print On?

Digital print can handle up to 350mm x 450mm, while offset print allows larger sizes.

What Is The Difference Between A Celloglaze And A Varnish?

Celloglaze is a plastic sheet applied with heat, while varnish is applied on press like ink.

Do I Own The Artwork?

Yes, once you’ve paid for it, we’ll send you the native files.

7 Types Of Print Finishes

Get the best look, feel and results from your print jobs.

Learn more about all the Different Types of Print Finishes Here.  Understand what different print finishes mean, and how they can be used, and what’s involved in print finishing

Talk About Colour.

PMS Colour stands for the Pantone Matching System (PMS) and this can be printed in litho printing where a specific ink is used.

Full Colour or Process Colour or CMYK is when the 4 process Colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) are used to print any colour (except metallic colours).

Understanding Printing Terms

What Is Die Cutting?

It’s used for special shapes and involves cutting the paper using a custom-made die.

What Is Bleed?

Bleed is the area outside the trim area that is printed and later trimmed.

What Shapes And Sizes Do You Make Presentation Folders In?

We can create die lines for most presentation folder shapes.

Why are my pictures fuzzy in print?

Images from the internet are usually low resolution (72dpi) and look fuzzy when printed at 300dpi.

What Is Saddle Stitching?

It’s a binding method that uses staples down the middle of the fold.

What Is Embossing?

It creates a raised image using a metal stamp.

Is Recycled Paper The Most Environmentally Friendly Paper Option?

Not necessarily, paper from sustainable forests can be more eco-friendly.

Why Is My Print Job Taking So Long To Dry?

Humid weather can slow down ink drying.

What Is The Difference Between Vector And Raster Images?

Vector images are made of shapes and can be enlarged without loss of quality, while raster images are based on pixels and can’t be enlarged.

What Is The Difference Between A Sans Serif Font And A Serif Font?

Serif fonts have strokes at the end of letters, while sans serif fonts are more modern and lack these strokes.

Can You Print White?

Yes, we can print opaque white ink or white foil, typically on a dark background.

Why Can’t My Brochure Be 11 Pages?

Brochure printing must be in multiples of four, so it can be 8 or 12 pages but not 11.

Do You Offer Direct Mailing?

Yes, we provide comprehensive direct mail services, including design, copywriting, tracking, and campaign management.

What Is Variable Data?

It allows personalization of printed materials by adding specific names, addresses, or messages from your database, ideal for direct marketing and CRM.