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Branded Drinkware

Reusable Coffee Cup - free Sample at Snap
Reusable Coffee Cups – one of the best Promotional Product ideas – free Sample at Snap

Did you know… 2 million Disposable Coffee cups are dumped in Ireland every year?

Reuse, refill and recycle with your very own range of branded coffee cups, flasks or drinkware tumblers. An environmentally-friendly gift that’s perfect for client desk drops, staff welcome packs and branded event swag. Available in multiple shapes, styles, colours and sizes.

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Why Choose Branded Drinkware And Re-Usable Cups?

It’s Ethical

There has been a lot of debate recently regarding the use of single-use plastics, coffee cups and water bottles accumulating in landfills. Send out the right sustainable message and deliver a ‘Halo effect’ for your brand in the eyes of our growing millennial market. A branded gift idea is ideal for the environmentally conscious society we live in.

It’s Got Variety

Drinkware products give you loads of options in terms of branding options and are available in multiple product options when it comes to colour, lid type, handles, branding locations and sizes. 

Look at the various options you can pick from in just one of our Coffee Cup ranges…

Choose from our wide range of easy-to-brand drinkware including reusable…

  • Coffee cups and tumblers
  • Thermos Mugs
  • Water bottles
  • Thermos Flasks

It’s Topical

It is a Topical product linked to an issue that’s on everyone’s minds – the fight against reusable plastics. Use this product because it taps into existing environmental marketing campaigns across the Ireland / Europe such as:

  • #consciouscup campaign
  • Several cafes in Ireland do extend discounts when you bring your own reusable cup. Here’s a map in Ireland of participating cafes kindly provided by Melanie May
  • Its good preparation should new EU legislation come into being in the future banning disposable plastic products.

It’s Visible And Portable

 The kind of product that is carried around everywhere and likely to stay on a desk daily if in use in the office or in the car.

It’s A Flexible Gift

You can use drinkware in any type of event as a branded promotional gift whether it is for :

  • Staff Training events
  • Company parties
  • Welcome Packs for new employees
  • Event swag and event goodie bag fillers at corporate conferences or events
  • Professional corporate gifts for loyal clients
  • desk drops for outreaching to new businesses in your neighbourhood

Need More Ideas?

Talk to Snap

  • We have the ability to source from a variety of suppliers whilst advising on design. We’ve been developing a broad supplier base with multiple options in branding and styles.
  • We can provide customisable product features to focus on
    • Lid types
    • Colour Combos
    • Size options
  • We have loads of experience doing this product by now and lots of previous customers who have done many variations on these themes
  • We can source this alongside a wide range of other complimentary promo products for your next event.

Go on …Make your next promotional gift a sustainable one and give your brand a good, green and gorgeous boost too.

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How To Choose The Right Promotional Product

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