Corporate Gifts

Be Memorable. Corporate Gifts Help Your Business

Here’s what Corporate gifts are not.

Corporate gifts are NOT random giveaways, freebies, or goody bag fillers.

Corporate gifts are selective in nature, premium items, personalised, customised and often given in recognition or as a reward. Given in

Given in acknowledgement of valuable stakeholders in your business or as a courteous gesture to your clients in appreciation of their loyalty and business over time.

More than just a promotional products for your business, a corporate gift enhances relationship-building.

The Operative word here is “Relationship”.

They’re also an effective way to recognise outstanding staff and improve morale.

#TalktoSnap. We’ll help you source, design and customize your next corporate gift



When To Use Corporate Gifts

There are many appropriate occasions for corporate gifting. A relevant marketing tool all year round. #NotjustforChristmas!

Use them to:

  • Celebrate Easter and Valentines day!
  • Welcome a new client account
  • Kick off the new year
  • At a customer appreciation event or company open day
  • Celebrate an anniversary or a birthday of a key stakeholder, team member or client.
  • Reward customer loyalty – e.g. when the 12th order is made or when the first €1000 is clocked.
  • As prizes and trophies
  • As part of an offer or competition
  • And of course there’s Christmas…

How Corporate Gifts Help Your Business

Whether you wish to personally acknowledge a new business connection, reward a long-term client or simply to support a new advertising campaign targeted at a select few, there is more than one opportunity to delight them.

It’s an essential sales tool that helps you:

  • Promote your company.
  • Enhance your overall business reputation
  • Create familiarity with a client
  • Build affection and trust for your brand
  •  (Done right) Has the power to generate word-of-mouth marketing.

How To Choose The Right Corporate Gift 

Ask yourself the following:

  • Does it fit your current campaign message? What is your goal when choosing the gift?
  • Does it complement your customer’s lifestyle?
  • Would you be happy to receive yourself?
  • Would you be proud to put your business name on it?
  •  Does it correspond with your brand identity and what you stand for?
  • Will be genuinely useful and used regularly?
  • Is it personalised enough to fit the particular recipient? Will it delight them on a personal level?
  • Is it too personal or intimate to give a business acquaintance?
  • Consider choosing an item related to your business or unique to your industry.

How to Customise Your Corporate Gift

There are so many ways you can customise your very own branded gift for that special touch.

  • Personalise them. Print, emboss or engrave corporate gifts with your customers name or brand.
  • Embed a special personal detail like an inspirational quote they may have an affinity to.
  • Customise them with brand colours.


We know how to source, customise and personalise any type of merchandise.


Find The Perfect Corporate Gift

Whether you’re planning for Christmas, need prize giveaways or just looking for new event swag ideas, there’s loads to choose from

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Branded Apparel

The Technology exists now. Stamp your brand in a variety of ways onto great useful, wearable gifts.

Perfect when a seasonal idea is needed

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Whatever the weather, branded apparel is rarely if ever binned.