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Environmental Policy

This policy statement serves as the foundation for our environmental program. It guides us in establishing improvement targets and measuring our progress. Our commitment is unwavering in mitigating the adverse environmental impacts of our operations.

We are dedicated to fostering environmental awareness and responsibility among all Snap employees. By regularly communicating our environmental objectives and action plans, we empower our team to integrate our environmental policy into their daily tasks, and we acknowledge their efforts. Throughout our operations, we prioritise minimising our environmental footprint.

The headquarters team at Snap Group Ireland assumes ultimate responsibility for our environmental policy and performance. We appreciate the support of Snap Centre Owners in ensuring the effective implementation of relevant social and environmental policies.

ISO Certified 

ISO 9001:2015 certified – Unmatched quality and service at every step. From manufacturing to customer support, Snap sets the bar high, exceeding your expectations with operations that meet the highest standards.

FSC Certified Supply Chain

At Snap, we ensure that all our suppliers are FSC approved, and that all the paper that is used is sustainably sourced. It is crucial to protecting healthy, resilient forests. FSC® certification allows us to provide the responsible choices consumers want and demonstrate your commitment to forests worldwide.

Sustainable Customer Propositions

Snap offers customers an extensive selection of sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, and recyclable options. We wholeheartedly endorse initiatives promoting sustainable choices that prioritise our planet’s well-being. Our product range includes eco-friendly promotional products, sustainable paper choices, recycled materials etc. 

Kind to the planet

At Snap, we strongly believe in the idea of ‘Reuse, reduce and recycle’ and try to incorporate this into our daily lives with products like these. We encourage not only our customers to purchase products that are committed to sustainability but also encourage franchisees to choose suppliers that have a responsible chain of supply. 

Day To Day Actions That Matter

Snap is committed to the prevention of pollution and minimising the impact of its operations on the environment by means of a programme of continuous improvement. In particular Snap Ireland will:

  • Meet all relevant legislative and other requirements, and where appropriate exceed or supplement these by setting our own exacting standards.
  • Seek to reduce consumption of materials in our operations, reuse rather than dispose whenever possible, and promote recycling and the use of recycled materials in our hub and in all centres.
  • Design energy efficiency into new services, buildings and equipment and manage energy wisely in all operations.
  • Reduce wherever practicable the level of harmful emissions.
  • Sell products that are safe to use, make efficient use of resources, and which can be reused, recycled or disposed of safely.
  • Work in partnership with our suppliers to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment through a quality purchasing policy.
  • Seek to minimise the visual, noise and other impacts on the local environment.
  • Use only papers from managed forests. Avoid the use of paper with 100% virgin pulp and endeavour to use paper with a high percentage of recycled pulp or 100% recycled pulp where the client’s budget allows.

Committed to a tomorrow that will last a lifetime. 

Make #kindtotheplanet choices with Snap.