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Event Signage And Retail Displays

Staging, Exhibition, Point-Of-Sale And Visual Merchandising Solutions.

Don’t miss out on commercial opportunities at your next exhibition, event or retail promotion. Ineffective and insufficient signage reduces the ROI of your events and sales promotions.

Use our wide range of signage and display solutions to catch the attention of every would-be customer. Direct event attendees to the right features. Attract prospects to your products and services showcases every time. 

Be Seen. Showcase more. Do all this with Snap signage solutions:

  • Draw exhibition attendees with eye-catching displays.
  • Impress delegates with show-stopping event staging
  • Direct footfall and control crowds
  • Develop effective in-store merchandising and point-of-sale collateral.
  • Attract passing trade with creative window displays

Take a look at our solutions below and talk to your local Snap centre.


We have a wide variety of Graphic solutions for all your indoor and outdoor spaces

Display your creativity and your brand with the following products.

  • Wallpapers
  • Self Adhesive  Wall Textiles
  • Permanent Self Adhesive Wall Wraps
  • Removable Self Adhesive Wall Wraps
  • Textured Wall Graphics
  • Exterior Wall Graphic Vinyls
  • Dry wipe Whiteboard and Wall Vinyls
  • Chalkboard Wall Vinyl and Film
  • Magnetic Walls & Metalised Vinyls
  • Vinyl Stickers
  • Digitally Printed Flooring and Floor Mats


Posters are a powerful way to announce a new idea, event or warning to a large number of people within a targeted local area.

When To Use A Poster

  1. Internally shout-out about your latest or business news to employees
  2. Promote events within venues and outdoors, to would-be punters.
  3. Announce an urgent safety message or specific instructions for operational reasons.
  4. Advertise sales and offers in the form of outdoor street billboards or as window displays and via point of sale.
  5. Decorate and brand  a space or show some personality in your venue or space with strong graphic cues
  6. Showcase latest arrivals and more

The team at Snap have put together these tips to help you create posters that shine so bright, it makes the others fade into the background.

Create Social Engagement & Buzz At Your Event


Every blank wall is an opportunity. Use the spaces at your disposal to provide a better customer experience and showcase what you do.

Consider using event and retail display solutions when

  • You are launching a new product, menu.
  • You have new sales offer to promote.
  • You need to refresh your branding and displays.
  • You need to refresh your venue or store with a new seasonal look.
  • You are hosting a corporate conference, seminar or awards event.
  • You are exhibiting at a tradeshow or conference.
  • You have a guerrilla marketing campaign.

Be Seen, Show more, Sell more. #TalktoSnap