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Direct Mail

The Power Of Direct Mail

The letter, the direct mail piece, the envelope, the database, the fulfillment, the postage, the printing, all under one roof.

Let Snap Personalise Your Direct Mail Marketing

Why? Personalising your mail piece increases the response dramatically.Creative and relevant direct mail delivers real ROI by driving sales through measurable trackable responses to your post.

What we do:

  1. We’ll start with cleaning up the database.
  2. Followed by the creation of the concept and design. We’ll Design a direct mail piece that grabs attention.
  3. Snap’s Variable Data Printing Facility, a form of personalised marketing, makes your campaign work harder. Nothing grabs your audience’s attention faster than a personalised highly targeted message.
  4. From personalisation and printing, we’ll manage the process right through to packaging and posting to clients. We’ll find you a cost effective design that qualifies for postage discounts.

Let’s Be Direct

If the ultimate objective of any marketing communication effort is to motivate an action, then printed direct mail pushes that into overdrive.

Even if you are already well established, this online guide will provide new insights into the market landscape, as well as information you can use to enhance your strategic partnership with your clients.

Marketers have re-embraced direct mail as innovations in print technologies, workflow automation and personalisation drive opportunities for more relevant, personal customer communications.

In this digital age, organisations of all sizes are rediscovering direst mail as an innovative way to:

  • Cut through the clutter.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Deliver profitable results.

Looking at the Numbers

Consider the number of marketing messages consumers are exposed to each day, and it’s no wonder there’s a certain satisfaction in the tangible experience of going to the mailbox.

According to the United States Postal Service, the average household receives about 16 pieces of direct mail each week. During that same span, the average consumer receives over 100 emails.

It’s not surprising that 70% of direct mail is opened and 79% is read for at least a minute.

92% of marketers expect the amount of direct mail they send next year to increase or stay flat.

71% of consumers say print/paper quality impacts their decision to open and read direct mail.


Playing To Win

Direct Mail Continues To Be A Solid Opportunity When Used As A Strategic Advantage. Here Are Some Conversation Starters To Convey The Value You Can Bring To Your Clients’ Business.

Moving from Personalised to Personal:

Relevance is the key to direct mail success. Help your clients understand that personalisation means more than simply including a recipient’s name – it means tailoring imagery, messaging and information to that specific individual.

Integrating Direct Mail With Digital Media:

Data indicates that print only campaigns achieve response rates of 74% and action rates of 7.1%, while campaigns leveraging print, email, social media and mobile applications achieve 9.5% and 8.6% , respectively.

Help your clients understand appreciate the value of integrated campaigns, and develop the capabilities to deliver them.

Demonstrating Results:

Marketers want the ability to measure communication effectiveness. Stress that direct mail, when integrated with digital media, is measurable. Encourage clients to experiment by testing different offers and messaging to track their impact on results for maximum return on investment.

Critical Insights You Need To Know

 Direct Mail Gets Noticed

Direct Mail

Relevancy Is Critical

Direct Mail
Direct Mail

Marketers Need Help

Print Is King

Drives Results

 Omni-Channel Works

Direct Mail
Direct Mail

Getting In The Game

How Can You Get A Slice Of This Profitable Business Opportunity? Here Are Key Tips For Succeeding In Direct Mail.

Data Expertise Is Key:

Develop or acquire a fundamental understanding of how to work with data and what data your customers have at their disposal. If none exists, help them build a database through loyalty programmes, surveys, promotions or list purchasing. Emphasise the connection between data, message relevance and results.

The Right Infrastructure:

Ensure a well optimised workflow by investing in the right prepress and production suite. With these tools, variable jobs can be created in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days.

Practise What You Preach:

Create a cross-media direct mail campaign for your business. Consider incorporating variable data, PURLs, mobile-optimised landing pages, high-impact graphics or QR codes to not only “wow” your audience, but also show off your unique capabilities.

Challenge Your Sales Team:

Hire or train sales people to become trusted advisors by strengthening their understanding of customer business objectives. Selling strategically focused direct marketing services is very different than selling traditional print. Remember, your customers aren’t buying print, they’re buying results.