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Calendars & Planners

Make Every Day Count With Promotional Calendars & Stationery Starter Kits!

365 days. So many ways to keep your Brand front and centre every day. Make your own branded promotional calendars and stationery starter kits in a Snap.

We’ll help you produce calendars and stationery printed with your company branding, customised event dates, visuals or messages. Design and produce any calendar size or format. A great promotional gift that’s ready for your next team starter kit giveaway or campaign.

So many options at Snap:


2018 SNap Tent Calendars
Snap Branded keyboard calendar
wall calendar planner


The Perfect Gift For Staff Or Clients

Make your mark at the start of 2023! Stationery & Calendar Starter Kits are a great way to be a helpful part of their every day. Print all or just some of these items, and each can include your company logo and message. Choose one or all of these options from our range:

  • wall calendar
  • desk calendar
  • flip calendar
  • calendar stickers
  • things-to-do pad
  • notebook
  • sketch pad
  • shopping list
  • wrap to tie them all in one pack

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Personalised Calendars

People tend to keep personalised gifts so it is a great way to guarantee a spot on your customer’s desk, all year round.  Personalisation is a powerful way to ensure your gift takes pride of place in their desk, office or bag. Produce personalised calendars embedded with your client’s name and your branded message.

How? Simply choose from our selection of personalised images, send us your client database and we’ll take care of the rest!

Bespoke Calendar Design

Choose your own selection of branded photos or from one of our many calendar templates. Or let us produce a bespoke design that’s right for you! Whatever you might be thinking of, talk to our graphic designers about bringing it to life.

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How To Order Your 2023 Calendars

Important Product Information

As with any Snap products, you will get personal advice and guidance from our Snap Sales teams and designers. Our calendars and planers are printed, finished and sealed to the highest quality and delivered in perfect condition.

Send us your own designs or custom-create with our designers. Alternatively, choose from our selection of personalised images and generate any branded message you want on them .

Paper Sizes Available

Choose from our selection of paper sizes as follows

  • A0 – 1189mm x 841mm
  • A1- 841mm x 594mm
  • A2- 594mm x 420mm
  • A3- 420mm x 297mm

Informed Colour Choices

Snap can provide clients with colour charts printed to ISO specs, allowing you to accurately choose colour on a range of paper types and to minimise issues with colour management.

Submitting Your Files

Whilst we accept other file formats, PDFs are the preferred file format. Ensure all fonts are embedded, all colours and images are CMYK, (unless CMYK and Spot colour required, an additional cost will apply).

How Do I Get Large Files To You?

Our Send File tool on the website is a secure, quick and easy way to submit your files to your local Snap Centre. Just write in your request in the quote box in the top right hand corner of the page.


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