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Maximise Your Marketing Impact with Video Content

Are you seeking ways to harness the power of video for your business’s marketing efforts? Look no further—we’re here to kickstart your journey.

At Snap, we’ve curated a selection of highly impactful video styles designed to enhance your brand’s marketing initiatives. Explore these options to find the perfect match for your business. Sharing your brand’s narrative and educating your audience has never been simpler. With Snap’s video solutions, you have a user-friendly tool to convey your message effectively.


Ready to embark on your video marketing journey? Snap is your trusted partner for unlocking the full potential of video marketing to drive your business’s success.

Diverse Video Styles at Snap

  • 2D Animation: Incorporating 2D elements and characters for engaging narratives.
  • 3D Animation: Immersive storytelling in three-dimensional settings.
  • Green Screen: Create stunning visual effects by shooting against a green backdrop.
  • Drone Shoot: Capture breathtaking views with stabilised aerial cameras.
  • Live Stream: Share real-time events with a global audience over the internet.
  • Live Action: Elevate your storytelling through videography and captivating photography.
  • Podcasts: Cost-effective storytelling that makes your message resonate.
  • Corporate Communications: Informative live-action videos delivering key messages.

2D Animation Video

Ideal for simple to complex concepts. Perfect for explainer videos and conveying sensitive messages. Great for industries like Pharma and HR.

3D Animation Video

Adds depth to characters. Ideal for detailed and realistic animations. Perfect for entertainment, training, and gaming industries.

Drone Video

Compact and silent drones for panoramic views. Ideal for showcasing landscapes, Golf Courses, factories, hospitals, and real estate properties.

Green Screen Video

Replace backgrounds for news, weather, and gaming. Ideal for interviews, conferences, and communication in various industries. Great for insurance, finance, legal, and healthcare.

Live Stream Video

Simple, versatile animation suitable for explainer videos. Ideal for conveying complex concepts. Perfect for Pharma, HR, Health, and Safety industries.

Podcast Video

Cost-effective audio marketing tool, ideal for building an online audience. Valuable for sales and marketing sectors.

Live Action Video

Dynamic storytelling fosters customer-brand relationships. Ideal for showcasing products/services in real-world settings. Suited for Gyms, Hotels, Concerts, and Events.

Corporate Communications Video

Elevate corporate communications, PR, and sales pitches. Convert events, speakers, testimonials, and case studies into compelling, shareable video content. Boost internal education and team communication with engaging video stories.