Think big, print large!

Snap design a broad range of signage including custom posters, banners, charts, photos, plans or trade show displays. We can integrate the product fully with all your branding and marketing collateral quickly and efficiently. Choose from a broad selection of formats, styles, fonts and images for your design and we will guide you through the entire process.

Poster Design Tips

Banners, posters, and signage require large format graphic design. Snap knows that your message should be strong, without being overwhelming.

Consideration is given to the material being used and how your message will work with its surroundings.

1. Define your focus point

2. Make it snappy and avoid clutter

3. Find the right balance of images and words

4. Finish with a strong call to action

The power of large format printing:

Snap can create custom-size posters to suit your business needs. Visit your nearest Snap Centre for more details about large format poster printing for shopfronts and billboards.