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Extend Your Reach on Social

We believe every campaign or event works more efficiently when you integrate on both Print and Digital opportunities.

Why? Because you’ll reach more people in their day-to-day user journey.

Translate all the content you’ve generated in brochures, window displays, magazine advertisements, or leaflets, into a clickable, shareable meme on social to get the most reach.

Just talk to our Designers. We will make your campaign visuals suitable for mobile and desktop.

Captivating images get more clicks –  link these to your website; get more traffic, extend your reach. Monitoring the interactions to improve your campaign.

Remember:  90% of those over 25 access the internet mostly by smartphone.

Design For Social Media 

There’s an Art and Science to it. Look at our handy Social Media tips below.

Let us adapt your design for correct use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Ensure you have the best chance of reaching new customers.

#TalktoSnap  via phone 1850 812002 or

Why Use Social Media?

You Will Miss These Irish Audiences, If You Don’t Use Social:

  • Facebook – 2,594,000 Users
  • Instagram – 782,400 Users
  • Twitter – 835,000 Users
  • Snapchat – 590,000 Users
  • LinkedIn – 1,285,200 Users

*Numbers Based on 2016 figures

Do All This With Social Campaigns:

  • Reach 1000s of more people with your campaign, product, or offer
  • Simple and cost effective
  • Measurable  interactions – likes, comments, shares
  • Target specific demographics and businesses
  • Increase or decrease your spend as desired
  • Drive more traffic to your website

Social Media Users Ireland 2016

Social Media Users in Ireland 2016
Social Media Users in Ireland 2016

Image Size Tips

Social Media Image Sizes


Resizing your outdoor Poster into Facebook Event Covers, Ads and Posts

Translating your  Sales brochure into a handy Slide Presentation for Slideshare.

Turning you Magazine ad or Flyer into a Twitter post with clickable links

Transforming your Whitepaper into an infographic for your LinkedIn Profile

Image Size & Text

Visuals Get Your Ad Noticed 

If Content is king, then Visual Content (Images) reigns supreme.

When posting on social, regulations about Graphic size, the proportion of Text in the Graphic and Mobile formats are critical.

You will need a designer to speed things up.

Any other proportion and your image may get truncated.  

Facebook, for example, applies quite strict restrictions to your Graphic.

With Text – Less Is More On Facebook 

The recommended Facebook News Feed Image size is 1200 x 900 pixels (ratio of 4:3)

Your typical print-ready Graphic may have a significant amount of text overlay, conveying the key message.

Facebook recommends that less than 20% of the image contains text.

While they may allow you to run the advert with more text, it may not be reaching the maximum a potential audience in your target segment.

“While minimal text is still preferred, we’ve adopted a new system that allows you to run ads that would’ve been rejected under our old policy.

With our new system, ads with higher amounts of text will receive less or no delivery at all (unless we apply an exception).

You can use our tool to determine if your ad’s reach may be reduced by too much text on the ad image before you run your ad”

Why use Facebook?

Probably The Most Effective And Cost-Effective Way To Extend Your Campaign.

With over 2.5m active users in Ireland, that can be reached via their mobiles based on their location, profile, behaviour and interests; Facebook Marketing is a no-brainer when it comes to a cost-effective and efficient way to spread the word of your brand, product or event. Here’s why….

It is a cost-effective and efficient way to spread the word

Here’s why….

1.It’s the Social Advertising portal of choice if you want very precise persona targeting.

This is due to the amount of user demographic data it has collected. Facebook ads can be targeted to granular levels of location, age, gender, interests, relationship status, connections, languages, education, and workplaces with minimal expense.

2.Facebook offers an incredibly engaged audience.

 Irish users spend an average of 49 minutes a day on Facebook with are reported 2.59m active users in 2016. With high adoption rates across mature audiences at their disposal, thousands of new potential customers are reachable within their target profile, for relatively small amounts of money.

With the minimum daily ad spend on Facebook being only €1 for impressions, Facebook offers a superb way to extend the reach of your campaign.

How to Advertise on Facebook

How To Advertise On Facebook

It’s quite a simple process and there is plenty of “Help” material available in Facebook Support. Once you have selected your objective – e.g Drive Traffic to your website, Reach more local people etc. you will be asked to select your audience profiles and then set your daily / week budget spend. You can run your ad for as little as one day or as long as you wish, and you can determine how much you want to spend each day.

More Facebook Business Tips Here

In Depth Targeting On Facebook  

Facebook Advertising has been traditionally more useful for B2C marketers, but with the in-depth targeting available Facebook has applications for B2B marketers also

  1. Reach past your Business Page Audience and target “Profiles” that match your business contact persona
  2. Build custom audiences by uploading your email addresses from your company database
  3. Target specific B2B work categories – e.g. Marketing Managers, Sales Representative
  4. Lead Generation – link prospects to your website and in exchange for a free trial, white paper or other valuable assets, seeking an email address
  5. Facebook Retargeting allows you to target people who have already been to your website – reinforcing your brand or allow you to position an offer

How to get the most from

Social Media Ads

Social Media Targeting Tools At Your Disposal

These work in most of the main Social media platforms, but we will focus on Facebook as an example

Facebook Location Targeting

Facebook Location Targeting helps you to find people where You do business, and helps you to create adverts that are relevant to people based on where they are.

You can target people based on where they live or by key locations – eg a particular city or county. But you cal also select your audience within a custom radius of specific locations, using Geotargeting. Your adverts will only appear to facebook users while in those areas.

Facebook Interest Targeting

Facebook’s interest targeting helps you find the people who are likely to be interested in buying your product or service.

You can select a specific audience based on their interests, their activities, and the pages they’ve liked. You can also combine interests to be more specific.

Whether you want to target people who are interested in fashion or technology, fitness or business, this Facebook ad feature will help you to achieve that.

Demographic Targeting

You can target people based on demographics like  their age, their gender, their relationship status, their job title, or by specific life events (e.g., engagement, birthday, anniversary)

Facebook also offers financial targeting. You can specify that you only want to show it to people who make more than an income level you specify, whether it’s as low as €30,000 or more than €500,000

If you sell a pricy product, you want to make sure your ads are shown to people who can afford to buy your stuff!

Behavior Targeting

Facebook’s behavior targeting lets you reach people based on purchase behaviour, device usage, and more.

Facebook uses data from third-party partners to figure out what people are purchasing,

online and offline. After matching up that data with user IDs, Facebook lets advertisers target audience segments based on thousands of different purchasing behaviors.

For instance, you can target ads to people who have purchased clothing, health and beauty, technology, or sports products. Or if you wanted to target based on travel, you could choose options such as frequent travelers, international travelers, cruises, or whether someone has used a travel app in the past month.