Watch your material go further

We love to design and print your brochures at Snap, and we understand the power of print! We know that it’s a wasted opportunity if you have invested in the careful copywriting and design without optimising your beautiful and informative publication online.

Why create an e-publication?

e-Publications allow you to multiply the reach and ROI of your brochure.

  • Send it to your customer or prospect database by email
  • Feature it on your website as a browsing document
  • Make it a downloadable piece of content marketing
  • Make it a shareable document on social media

What type of brochure should I e-publish?

E-publications work equally well for image rich and text rich documents. A great quality image always looks even sharper on screen. E-publications allow viewers to scroll through as they would a regular brochure. Brochures or pages that contain a lot of text work well also – be sure to have them interspersed with images.

“The book effect” offers the reader a more natural and enjoyable reading experience compared with a standard scrolling PDF.

Snap e-publishing services include:

  • Brochure design
  • Image sourcing, graphic creation and copywriting
  • E-publication generation
  • Email Marketing

It’s a no-brainer; you’ve spent on design. You’ve put time into writing it; turn it into online content.