Digital Publishing

Take Your Publications from Print to Landing Page


If you creating newsletters, training manuals, product catalogues, reports, or any heavy duty print application regularly, digital publishing is for you.

Talk to Snap about converting your printed publications into readable, shareable, trackable content for any device.

Reach more people, deliver richer content and measure success with your next publication at Snap. Deliver the same published content online, via desktop, mobile, kindle or tablet. Do this and more with our new Digital Publishing service.

Now You Can Do More 

  • Give your readers multiple ways to access content – print, browsers, smartphones and tablets
  • Engage your readers with dynamic content – videos, maps, animations, surveys and more
  • Extend the reach of your print applications for most any application  – newsletters, collaterals, training materials, manuals, or catalogues
  • Track and measure how your audience reads and responds to your content

Talk to Snap about incorporating more of these features into your next Digital Publication.


Follow Your Audience Wherever, Whenever.

Today’s tech savvy readers expect to be able to access content on laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Consider these Consumer Trends:

  • 6.1 billion people are expected to be smartphone users by 2020.
  • Users are spending on average 3.3 hours a day on their smartphones.
  • 6 in 10 consumers have downloaded a business-specific app

The good news is that we can automatically create a digital edition from the same PDF file you provide for your print job. No extra effort required.

Additional elements can be added to supplement and enhance your original content.

More Than Just a PDF

It’s easy to default to PDF delivery as a way of making your print documents available electronically, but PDFs have limitations. More than just a limited PDF, we can deliver a thoroughly digital edition of your document.

This means responsive design, rich multi-media options, and shareable articles.No more pinching, No more zooming on small screens, and no more getting lost on the page!

Key Benefits of Digital Publishing


  • Responsive. Content will automatically adjust to provide the best reader experience for any screen size.
  • Interactive. Include links, video clips, maps and other rich media to enhance the user experience.
  • Seamless. No plugins, proprietary software downloads or Flash required. Works on all devices.
  • Measurable. Track and analyse usage to better understand how users read and respond to your content.
  • Shareable. Eliminate the need for costly postage required for additional mailings by enabling simple push notifications, or link to an RSS feed.
  • Accessible. Engage your readers more frequently.  You can create your own newsstand. Make your publications available via App download in the Apple, Google or Amazon store.

Give your audience a seamless reading experience.

Talk to us about creating a stunning companion Digital Edition for your next print project.


Digital Publishing Does More Than PDF
Publish on multiple devices

So Many Ways To Use Digital Publishing

Some of the many ways  you can apply the flexibility of Digital publishing

  • Create a digital version of any publication prior to print.  Allow your stakeholders to view prior to signing-off on a large print run.
  • Embed your publications in your websites, share the link to social media pages and in email campaigns.
  • Get your content out in real time to far-away global audiences.
  • Bypass any delays in the Print production process if pressed for time
  • Create Newsstands of multiple brochures and publications.
  • Sell your publications as online content as well as offline.
  • Keep the Digital Publication as archive copies of the print job reducing the need for storage.