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Promotional Tips and Marketing Ideas for Easter


Ready to Spring into Action, and Breath New Life Into Your Business?

Need to reignite your customer relationships, both internal and external? Is it time to re-engage with lapsed client relationships, and communities? Time to re-boot company morale? Time to promote something new this quarter?

Look no further than Easter for inspiration.

Time to take a hint from Mother Nature as she breathes new life into the physical world every Spring.


Easter Greeting Cards and Postcards

Postcards and greeting cards are perfect for quick Snap-py Direct mail campaigns. They are less costly and a good way to communicate a single offer, reminder or message.

Want to pimp it? Add different print finishes. For example: use a die-cut version in the shape in the shape of Easter eggs to promote your offer.

Combine the power of print and digital. Don’t forget to send out the same targetted message and your lovingly prepared Easter campaign graphics as a social post. You can target them here via advertising spend on their timelines and direct messaging.

Easter Marketing tips

Easter Promotional Gift Ideas 

Go one step further than the greeting card by sending VIP contacts an Easter-themed Corporate Gift or Desk Drop . Ideally with your branding on it. Who to send to?

  • Hot high-value prospects – a good excuse for a sales outreach: remind them that you’rein the neighbourhood.
  • Say Thank you to customers who have been loyal
  • Say Thank you to people who have been great advocates of your business, who have brought you referrals
  • Strategic business partners.
  • Your business neighbours on your high street
  • Show appreciation to your staff

Start with simple treats. A low-cost gesture that will bring a smile to anyone’s face that morning.

Take it further with a goodie bag filled with Easter themed promotional products and branded treats.

Take a look below at some of the ways you can create branded treats.


Short of Time? Repackage For Easter 

Alternatively, if you are short of time, consider personalising and re-branding off-the-shelf Easter egg chocolate gifts and Easter treats with a quick Digital Print option. We can Re-Package, Re-Sticker or Re-label existing items with your bespoke graphics.

You could even personalise each item with your recipients’ first name, a greeting or insert a unique message.

Easter Marketing Tips

Easter Egg Hunt Events   

Easter is yet another great excuse to have an event promotion.  Reach out to relevant communities, whether they’re stakeholders or customers.  Why not involve your own staff and their families with a Feel-Good family Easter egg hunt.

  • Do an Easter egg hunt on your premises to encourage footfall and have easter themed entertainment to go with it. Perfect if you’re a visitor centre, museum, venue, heritage site, retailer, park or family-focused location
  • You don’t need actual eggs if it’s a grown-up party. Place alternative gifts in Easter egg-shaped boxes or use hidden posters and die-cut point of sale throughout your premises.
  • Sponsor a popular local Easter egg hunt as part of a bigger community.
    • Work together with other businesses in your high street.
    • Are you in the Food business? Supply the eggs
    • Offer to buy the eggs and candy in return for a mention in the signage and promotional materials.
    • Set up a booth or branded station at the event that can help entertain or educate parents whilst the kids go hunting.

Easter Point-Of-Sale For A Social Media Buzz 

Few things can light up a space than really engaging point-of-sale especially if you are a retailer, venue or hospitality destination.

There’s lot’s more potential to point of sale and signage now.  Thanks to smartphones and social media,  you can get more from a simple window dressing.

Think of display and window dressing as an engaging visual for posting on social.

  • Turn easter egg hunts into a social media contest. Place hidden Easter egg point of sale placards throughout your property and encourage people to post pics with your social hashtag or handle. reward them with a weekly easter bundle or hamper in the run-up to Easter.
  • Make Easter themed Selfie props for visitors to play with onsite and post with your hashtag. Turn every post into a lucky draw entry for a giant chocolate egg hamper for example.
  • Have an Easter themed photo booth or cardboard cut-out bunny for kids to take their pictures with.
Easter Marketing tips


Virtual Easter Egg Hunts

For those of us who sell in the virtual world and don’t have a budget for a big event.

  • Plant an Easter egg image on your website. When they find the egg, drive them to an Easter landing page with a contact form.
  • Gather all your Easter Lucky draw contestants there and their email info so you’ve now got more than just traffic. you’ve got a mailing list.
  • Advertise on social media.
  • Place them in the Pot for a prize or reward them all.

Put Together An Easter Basket

Play on the Easter basket theme by bundling your products into an Easter offer.

Easy if you’re in the food & beverage or retail.

  • Bundle perfect product combinations in advance in time for Easter.
  • For your customer’s convenience,  display them front-of-house with the associated point of sale materials, out front and in the window.

It will take a bit more thought if you’re in another sector:

Selling B2B?  Bundle together virtual product packages that help with startups, refreshing a brand or new ventures. For example:

  • A design agency might offer a business refresh package of brand and logo redesign.
  • A salon with a makeover package targetted at brushing away those winter cobwebs.

Selling a Service B2C? Create an introductory offer for your service bundle. For example:

  • A gym that sets up a 3 month new you package with personal trainer slots.
  • A cleaning service with a spring-clean bundle that can be redeemed quarterly.

Drive Traffic Using Easter Promotions 

Regardless of whether you’re sending out a postcard, creating new posters or hand-outs, there are always great ways to maximise the effect of any Easter campaign.

Combine the power of Print and Digital

  • Drive traffic to your website with a special QR code on each Easter egg postcard. Drive them to a landing page where they can claim your offer.
  • Drive traffic to your actual shop or venue. Ask them to redeem their easter discount code or see if they’ve won a lucky draw prize.
  • Drive traffic to your social media platforms or Youtube channel. Overlay video, landing page content, or call-to-action buttons onto any image you print with the help of a smartphone app.

Bring People Together with Easter CSR

Easter is a feel-good time of the year. So why not ride that wave of positivity.  Invest in the events and activities that hold us all together: with themes like community, friendships and saying thanks.

That’s being true to the spirit of the season. Easter is about rebirth, fecundity and new beginnings. Use Easter events as a highlight in your CSR calendar.

Generate an Easter Egg drops, Easter basket Rescue Basket or host community events are a great way to reach out to families in our business territory, or our workplace. In fact, it is a great excuse to bring the 2 together.

Use these events to Fundraise for the cause that you wish to support while you’re at it.


Ready to Hatch Some Plans?

There you have it – Easter a great season for standing out and making a difference – its a natural time of year to re-invigorate your brand and the relationships within and without your organisation.

Are you hatching Easter plans already? Lets us help you bring them to life. You’re not alone.

Just #TalktoSnap. We’ll help you pull off any of these ideas and more.  We’ve seen all the variations on these themes and have looked after a lot of Easter Campaigns in the last 3 decades.