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Wrap Up Christmas With 12 Merry Marketing Tips


There’s one thing stopping you from enjoying this magical time of year.

It’s that looming feeling the weeks leading up to Christmas will be a massive opportunity. The pressure is on to maximise end-of-year sales spikes, capture mounting leads and deliver a business boom.

.. and with it,  a massive jumble of to – do lists.

Where do you begin this Christmas?

 Clarify your objectives .Work through the 12 point checklist with your team.

Do you aim to?

  • Attract new leads
  • Promote your products or services
  • Thank valued customers for their support.
  • Stay local

Sleigh your way to a stress-free holiday.

Use our Christmas Marketing tips


Whether you are in Retail, Hospitality, HR or just need to reach out to stakeholders and personnel, take a deep breath…

We have a sackful of ideas and a design team ready to tailor any season to your brand’s objectives.

Here are some of our ideas on what a smooth end-of-year marketing ( and New Year) Campaign should entail.

1. Seasonal Menus & Offers

Ways to Market your Menus

If you haven’t started already, start now. Time to design and print your end-of-year collateral now for both Christmas and the New Year including January sales.

Will you be needing the following?

  • Seasonal menus & offers  
  • Brochures & flyers
  • Email & Direct mail campaigns
  • Website graphics & Landing pages
  • Social Media posts

Here’s a few tips !

  1. Start with strong branded visuals. Develop a suite of themed graphics and 1 strong message.
  2. Create a great first impression with compelling design, the right size, paper, font and colours.
  3. Focus on customer benefits – how you’ll solve problems, make life easier or give them an experience they’ll never forget.
  4. Include an offer, a discount, a value-add or other attractive deals with a time limit. Build the fear of missing out.
  5. Translate this campaign into on-screen and off-screen collateral with a consistent visual identity throughout your Christmas campaign.


2. Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gift ideas for Christmas

It’s Time to say ‘Thank You’.

When it comes to key clients and stakeholders, do it with a with a premium branded gift.  

It’s also time to say thank you to our team too and reward the high performers. Is there a trophy or prize you need to present?

Keep your brand front and centre in the minds of those who matter most with that personal touch.  Choose the right gift, and your brand will be in full view for a long time to come.

There is a plethora of premium gifts you can personalise for every type of person. Whether it’s a golf kit, a leather bound laptop case, a luxury travel kit, a suite of electronic accessories…

…if there’s a surface, we’ll find a way to brand it for you.


3. Greeting Cards

print your own greeting cards

Sending a branded ‘Thank You’ message to all your clients is money well spent .

Here’s how you can use greeting cards in your Customer Relationship Marketing:

  1. Wish them Merry Christmas and send a branded ‘Thank You’ message to all your clients, suppliers and your staff. Give them an offer to use in January.
  2. Say Happy New Year and tell them you’ll be ready for business with exact opening times during the holiday season. Give them some tips for celebrating the holidays.
  3. Use this seasonal ritual to stay in touch with lapsed clients. Ask for feedback.
  4. Make it personal. Talk to Snap about personalising your direct mail and gifts.

Most importantly keep the visuals uniquely yours and your branding consistent throughout.

Combine the power of Print and Digital

  • Do one better and optimise your greeting card graphic. Make an e-version for social and email.
  • Use QR codes to direct them to something special.

This year, our charity Christmas cards are being sold in support of Blossom Ireland, a charity which supports children with special needs. Snap will make a donation to Blossom Ireland based on each card sold.

take a look at our Christmas Greeting Card catalogue here.

4. Seasonal Packaging, Vouchers & Gift-wrap

Branding tips for Christmas packaging

Necessary if you are retailer, and handy if you sell gift vouchers.

A great touch for treating your suppliers, staff and stakeholders.

Invest in branded packaging for that professional finishing touch.. such as:

  • Bags & Boxes
  • Stickers
  • Wrapping paper
  • Gift vouchers

Wrap up your online space too. 

You may want to share some joy with the world online. Our Graphic designers will light up your

  • Landing pages
  • Newsletters
  • Logo redesign


5. Branded Winter Woolies

Make yourown Branded apparel and T shirts

Winter is here!  Keep your prospects warm, your staff snug and your clients hot!

There’s loads of ways to customise your own branded apparel this winter.

Use them as timely and useful promotional products for :

  • Christmas and January Sale promotions
  • Event swag at awards ceremonies
  • Giveaways for staff at the next Christmas do
  • Team uniform upgrades in-store and on-site

Here’s a look at what you can stamp your brand on – Browse our apparel catalogue here .

Get it right and you could be a part of their everyday winter wardrobe.

6. Sweets & Treats


The tastiest way to  grab their attention and keep your customers sweet! We’re talking lollipops, jellybeans, branded tinned cookies, personalised chocolate bars and beyond…

Time to source tastefully packaged treats, for that extra flourish during the festive season.

More than  just sugar coating, us this as an opportunity to:

  • Make sure they’re branded as exclusively yours
  • Personalise each one where possible with printed packaging or stickers.
  • Why not turn your giveaway into a Willy Wonka moment ? Add a golden ticket for that special someone.

Why bother?

If you’re in sales , it’s a handy number for sweetening gatekeepers not just the buyers.

Keep the frontline team in your company happy by making sure the team gets it too.

Great for handing out on the street and having on tap for every event or expo you arrive at.

In short:  a moment on the lips could be a make your brand memorable in a positive way.


7. Point-of-Sale Ready?

Tips for effective Point of Sale and posters

Make sure your point-of-sale is ready to go.

Have all your January Sale collateral ready and waiting in the wings. Including:

  • Flyers,
  • Window display, Tent cards & Strut cards
  • Pop-up banners
  • Posters and Signage
  • Price-tags, Ticketing & Stickers

Get your January sale collateral designed, printed and at the ready before you and your suppliers break for Christmas.

How to make your Point of Sale stand out:

  1. Eye-catching size matters and we do them all – from popular A3, all the way to billboard and custom-size.
  2. Traffic-stopping colours – full colour posters are magnets for our minds.
  3. Big bold fonts – to easily read your offer, branding, contact and other details.
  4. Made-to-measure finish – from weather resistant UV to glossy and luxurious.

Use the same visuals online in your landing pages, emails and social media graphics.


8. Christmas & New Year Party Supplies

Print Supplies for Party props and Events

It’s Christmas party season!

Not too late to make it memorable with branded  party props including:

  • Invites & posters
  • Selfie Masks & cardboard Photo-booths
  • Instagram and SnapChat Frame cutouts
  • Hashtag cutouts  
  • Table setting Props & Place cards
  • Directional signage
  • Stage backdrops & podium signage
  • Pull up banners

Why bother?

Regardless of what style of event, be sure to whip up some social buzz with printed props. Keep guests snapping and posting  –  and more importantly a great excuse to have some fun

Be sure to have your hashtags visible.

You’ll be getting some great crowd – sourced content in no time and lots of social mentions. 

9. Calendars, Wall planners & Diaries

make your Own branded calendars & diaries

Make your brand a part of their everyday: on their desktop, at their keyboard, in the bag

Create your own branded stationery as giveaways for the New Year in the form of:

  • Keyboard calendars
  • Desktop calendars
  • Wall planners
  • Diaries & Notebooks

Why bother?

This is an incredibly cost-effective way to get long-term exposure.  Your business name and logo will feature on customers desks, 365 days a year.

It’s a great sales tool for the new year – a great opening gambit for January sales campaigns, a handy stationery staple for employees and a timely gift for customers.

A perfect gift for your employees as well.

Snap makes Notebooks and diaries

How to make Calendars & Diaries work harder for you

  1. Personalise where you can. Create something just for them, it says how much you appreciate their business.
  2. Mark special dates- customer’s birthday, promotions, an event you’re holding.Why not insert your own company dates and events while you’re at it?
  3. Use our images – display your customer’s names in a different image each month.
  4. Add your own photos- your people, products,services.
  5. Create something unique – professional, funny or informative. Insert helpful inspirational quotes or jazz it up with witty graphics.


10. Out-Of-Office Opportunity

Out of office email tips

Brand your out – of – office holiday emails and messaging consistently across the company.

Keep everyone in your company on the same hymn sheet during the holidays and keep it brand-focused.

Why not include seasonal wishes in your copy and add that personalised touch with a Christmas message from the team.

Vibrant eye – catching graphics with a specially designed a brand message gives your standard bounce back a festive makeover.

Your local Snap e-marketing expert can design and set up templates for your Christmas promotions or a new email platform to help you handle all the orders.

11. Customise Automated Replies

Automate online holiday messages

Go one step further than just saying ‘Merry Christmas’ with your automated replies this Holiday season.

Be useful. Don’t lose out on a query.

Automate reply messages with helpful customer service information

  • Tell them how to find the info when you’re not there
  • Tell them when you will be back and what your opening hours
  • Give them a reason to call back in January with a teaser offer
  • Make sure they know if there’s a Sale coming on
marketing tip Christmas - closing times

Not just emails!

Include this mindset in all your replies including website queries, Facebook & Twitter auto-messaging, voicemail messages, and even window signage.


12.Pre-schedule Holiday Social Media

Christmas Social Media Tip

Start planning seasonal branded graphics for your online audiences too. When we’re all chilling out during the holidays – most of us will be sharing on Social . Use our tips in your email campaigns too.

Use your branded content in social media Christmas messages, competitions and sales countdowns and do pre-schedule them for when you’re away.

With a good bank of custom visuals, you could pre-schedule a / an :

  • Advertisement for last minute deals
  • December advent calendar for your social media giveaways
  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year message on the day
  • Announcements of your SALE dates and times with sneak peaks
  • Call for competition entries
  • Links to unique Christmas gift guides or e-coupons
  • Exclusive loyal customer offer or invitation

Need help?



Where DO YOU Begin this Christmas?

Come to us with your end of year wish list!

Snap centre ‘elves’ are ready with a bagful of ideas!

Save time with our one – stop service, and army of suppliers are there to execute your ideas quickly affordably  and professionally


There’s more to print than paper and there’s more to Snap than print. 

Here’s what we do in our busy workshop.

Get kitted with Visuals

Create a suite of seasonal graphics and strong branded messages. Get them in your brand colours , resize them, and optimise them for any platform.

Print Christmas Marketing Collateral

Get your flyers, brochures, calendars, direct mail campaigns, business cards, packaging, vouchers or stationery in one place. We have a Christmas card library ready and waiting.

Bring your Christmas message online

Get help with email campaigns, online flyers, social media visuals and website landing pages. Talk to us about websites, ebooks and digital publishing services.

Dress your Spaces

As a print management service we will make your point-of-sale, or posters. Design and source your outdoor signage, wall wraps and advertising with us. We’ll dress your events whether it’s podiums, backdrops, place-cards, photo-booths or table-settings.

Make some Goodies

Give them something to hold on to. Source branded merchandise, promotional products, gifts, event swag, treats and stationery with us. If it has a surface , we’ll get your message on it

Get a quote now at 1850 812002 or email

Then lean back and say “it’s a Wrap!”

There’s more…

Psst. Have you more tips to add? Talk to us