Mobile Marketing with Snap

SmartText is a text message with a visual mobile page embedded and linked to the internet. Your promotion or offer appears on your customer’s smartphone, just like a mobile landing page.

Your business has the opportunity to send rich details of any promotion using an interactive mobile page, with a call to action embedded. Users can click for more details, use “touch to call”, or send an email inquiry directly from the page.

How does it work?

At Snap we can design the Smart Text Page with your branded graphics. We can send your text broadcast on your behalf or we can simply design the page as we would a flyer and give you a short link to include in your broadcast.

Why bother with SmartText?

We live and breathe with our smartphones at our fingertips, and we expect the convenience of more information this way. Allow your message to really speak to your customers in the full, technicoloured fashion that they expect.

Our services include:

  • SmartText design
  • Bulk text broadcasting

Ready to bring your whole message to the fingertips of thousands of people at once?






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