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Your Workplace Wellness Program Made Easy


Snap has created a ready-made Workplace Wellness program pack for your company. Our easy-to-package Branded Competition Pack is here to help kick-off a healthy workplace program wherever you are.

We understand that physical well-being and mental health is important for you and your team.

A recent study showed employees perform best on days that they exercise: Increase in motivation by 41%, time management by 72%, dealing with stress by 27%.  Research also shows that employees benefit when their bosses exercise. Why? Less stressed bosses create happier workplaces.

It’s time to:

  • Promote health
  • Reduce stress
  • Promote your brand
  • Enhance team bonding
  • Encourage social interaction
  • Increase productivity
Why Exercise In the Workplace?

Who Can Use the Workplace Wellness Program

What better way to encourage your team to get active by introducing your Workplace Wellness Program?

Worth thinking about if you relate to any of the following roles:

  • You are a Team manager who would like to set a new challenge
  • You are an HR professional who  is charged with Encouraging a Healthier workplace environment
  • You are the MD of a  growing business and want to cultivate a more active, creative and less stressed company culture.

It doesn’t have to be an HR project.

You could be a marketing manager with a bright idea:

  • You’re going to associate your brand/product with a healthier lifestyle because you inhabit those brand values. A perfect way to
    1. Launch a new sales promotion or product
    2. Reach out to communities, other companies and schools
    3. Create the perfect giveaway in association with an event.

Your Fully Branded Wellness Program Pack Includes This

Branded Activity Tracker And Mobile App

We’ve put together a ready-to-go Competition Pack that you can stamp with your very own brand and company message.

It includes the following:

  • Activity tracker watches,
  • A free mobile app,
  • Posters & flyers for spreading the word
  • A leader board.

How Our Wellness Pack Works 

Workplace Wellness Branded Competition Pack.

Set your goals, compete and track:

· pedometer
· distance (kms)
· calories burned · sleep quality

Use this to create team challenges and gamify the experience with leader boards at work

What a great way to promote healthy competition and bragging rights!

Customise Your Workplace Wellness Pack 

Talk to us about a host of options and add-ons

  • Add in Branded promotional products to help with healthier lifestyles, For e.g.  water bottles and drawstring bags for the gym,
  • Marketing Collateral such as scorecards, signage, booklets, and stickers
  • Graphic design for your webpage, and social media banners
  • Trophies and prizes including special corporate gifts, such a  presentation pack for the winner
  • Branded apparel such  sportswear, T-shirts and outerwear.

If you need infographics, scorecards, stickers and any other content or collateral to go with that – we’ll do that too.

To learn more click HERE to download your Workplace Wellness Program brochure.

Or simply contact our team for more details.

Contact: (01) 456 8890