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Offset Printing Services

What Is Offset Printing?

Offset printing is a method of printing that involves 2 distinct stages. The basic process is the photographic transferring of the image to a metal or plastic a plate, and then onto a large rubber band that is then used to transfer onto the material of your choice.

When To Use Offset Printing

Offset printing really comes into its own when it comes to large batch projects.

  • It’s perfect for high quality, high number projects such as glossy magazines, business cards, catalogues,brochures, stationery, direct mail flyers, brochures, invites and more.
  • Little known fact is that offset printing is the highest quality printing that currently exists. This makes it perfect for top quality images with rich, dense tones.
  • Perfect when you want absolute control over the look and feel of a print job. The variety of textures and tones that can be achieved is huge, giving you more creative choices and abilities.
  • Large volumes of printed products can be printed quickly without any variations to colour or ink density. Because there is special ink used, you can rest assured that there is absolutely no streaking or low quality imaging.

What Can Snap Do?

While a lot of our work nowadays is digital printing, we do also have the equipment, knowledge and skills required for offset printing. A large amount of corporate printing needs can be met easily with offset printing. If you need something to be perfectly consistent, over a large quantity, offset printing could be perfect for you. Talk to our team about how offset printing can benefit your business.