All Your Event Promotion Needs Under One Roof at Snap

You’re the ringmaster,  and it feels like a 3-ring circus every time you’re planning and executing an event.

You’re managing multiple tasks and possess many talents. It’s life on a tightrope budget, negotiating marketing campaigns, PR, sales promotions and cash flow.

You’ve the administrative dexterity of a Juggler, with a Fortune Tellers’ forecasting abilities.Hyper-alert a Lion Tamer, managing stakeholders, attendees, staffing, sponsors, performers and large crowds.

We get it. Let us help.

Your Event Promotion Partners.

You could do with an all-in-one event promotion solution.  

Ease the pain with our

Don’t waste event planning time sourcing and managing multiple suppliers. Save time, get expert advice AND a complete event design & print service.

#TalktoSnap at the very beginning. We’ll help you design, plan, price, produce, deliver AND install. Let’s Build your next event starting now

Call your local Snap Centre for a dedicated account manager or fill our query form (above).



Visual Content Graphic Design

Event Design Services

 Stands, Staging & Display

Event Staging, Stands and Display

Goody Bags, Merchandise & Gifts

Event Giveaway

Flyers, Programs & Brochures

Event Brochures

Signage, Flags & Posters

Event Signage

Tickets, Cards & Invites

Event Tickets And invites

Direct Mail, Email & Social

Event Direct Mail

Badges, Placecards & Lanyards

Even Badges & Lanyards


Your Event Promotion Checklist

Not sure what to do first? Here’s our advice on working with production deadlines.

You’ve made the decision to save the date, book a venue and named the event. Talk to a Snap Account Manager at the beginning, and we will help you prioritise the tasks in your event promotion strategy.


Book in the Designer first thing. Give your Event collateral a coherent look & feel.

Keep your palette and imagery in line with your Brand Identity & Logo Design. Have a consistent message, imagery and colourways running through to Brochure Design and Direct Mail campaigns.

Save money and time. Re-purpose visuals online into Email Banners, Landing Pages Social Media Posts and Online Display Advertising alongside your usual print runs for Signage and Flyers.

Time is critical when accommodating various sponsors and their artwork.


Beat delivery and production lead times by securing your supply of promotional products early on in the event planning process.

  • Branded Event Giveaways
  • Trophies and Prizes
  • Corporate Gifts for Speakers and guests
  • Branded Merchandise you have for sale
  • Goody Bags and Packaging
  • Branded Apparel for the Team

The more unique the merchandise, the larger your numbers and the wider the range of products required the more time you will need. We’ll help you select, order and customise your event swag.


Start early with a site visit to get the best advice from your local Snap representative or account manager.  Starting early will guarantee a more accurate quote, less to-ing and fro-ing and more helpful suggestions on what is possible.


Signage is site-specific depending on the scale and layout of your venue and its exterior spaces. Couple that with health and safety compliance, and the need to illuminate some signage.  You’ll need to nail this one early (pardon the pun!).

You will need someone to measure up to give you the best quotes. This refers to:

  • Outdoor signage and banners
  • Wall mounted directional signage (aka Wayfinding)
  • Floor mounted directional signage
  • Photo booths & backdrops
  • Flags
  • Wall wraps
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Window decals
  • Magnetic strips

More standard items can be topped up closer to the date:

  • Pull up Banners
  • Tent Cards
  • A1, A2, A3 Posters.
  • Bumper stickers


Once your venue and core content has been secured, it’s time to kick off Direct Mail campaigns whether it’s via Email, Posted Flyers or Social Media messaging.

Bottom line: use a consistent visual and message throughout. Most events, conferences, tradeshows or seminars have a basic messaging or event notification lifecycle like this:

  1. Pre-Event: Save The Date postcards and email flyers for prospective attendees.
  2. Pre-Event: Confirm speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors
  3. Pre-Event: Sales focused Direct Mail and Online Advertising reaching out to prospects
  4. Pre-Event: Announcement of registration details and deadlines
  5. Pre-Event: Automated ticket confirmation email.
  6. Pre-Event: Invites to registered attendees of free events
  7. Pre-Event: Reminder with final itinerary, FAQs, and instructions for getting there
  8. Pre-Event: Press releases for the media
  9. During Event: If your events have multiple dates: Send emails at the end of each day to update attendees with the following day’s events
  10. Post Event: Thank you email to all stakeholders, requesting feedback.  Prompt them to rebook
  11. Post Event: Press content for the media
  12. Post Event: Call out to potential Speakers, Sponsors, and Exhibitors for the next event



Now that you’ve told everyone and got the merchandise and large signage sorted, it’s time to flesh out your displays. Next step: Order in large format printing to furnish stands or staging props if any, such as:

  • Microphone wraparounds
  • Podium signage
  • Pull up banners
  • Feather banners

Source display materials for Exhibition stands, Receptions desks or Table settings such as

  • Custom-sized posters
  • Tent cards
  • Desktop signage such as strut cards
  • Hashtags and social media cut-outs
  • Selfie and other display props
  • Tablecloths
  • Stickers
  • Branded coasters
  • Menus


As you come close to the event, it’s easier to use digital printing to turn around printed products such as

  • Promotional Flyers
  • Agenda Cards
  • Seminar Brochures
  • Program Magazines & Conference Notes
  • Presentation Folders
  • Feedback Forms


For the more premium event, a printed ticket or customised event invite is key to enhance the exclusive quality of the event

  • Postcard Invites
  • Greeting Card Invites
  • Perforated Tickets
  • Raffle Tickets


Don’t wait until you get final numbers & every RSVP confirmed. You can still source and print generic items early and in bulk. For example:

  • Branded Lanyards
  • Staff Badges
  • Access Arm Bands
  • Branded Badges

Once the bulk (95%) of your delegate or attendee names are confirmed,  start printing the following should these be essential to your event:

  • Delegate Name Badges
  • Placecards
  • Table plan

You can also print badges with blank spaces for the stragglers and last minute confirmations on the day.

Save time, get expert advice AND a complete event design & print service.

Call your local Snap Centre for a dedicated account manager or fill our query form (above) for a quick quote. See our event products and services below.



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