Snap Video Service

If you’re wondering how to use video to market your business, we’re here to help you get started.

Snap have put together a list of effective video styles that we offer to help market your business.

Take a look at our video samples video to experience the possibilities.

Telling your brand story and educating your audience couldn’t be easier. 

Types of Video We Do

Tell your story in a variety of video styles at Snap such as:

  • 2D Animation –  involves the use of 2 dimensional elements and characters
  • 3D Animation –  uses 3 dimensional environments and characters
  • Green Screen –  a technique where you shoot a subject against a green background
  • Drone Shoot –  involves the use of a stabilized flying camera system
  • Live Stream – broadcast live events over the internet in real-time
  • Live Action – videography that uses lphotography instead of animation
  • Podcasts – a very cost effective way of telling your story
  • Corporate Communications– informative live action video that conveys key messages

2D Animation Video

A simple form of animation ranging from very simple to very complex multi layered executions. Most children’s cartoons are 2D animations. Great for explainer videos and sensitive product offerings. The mix of audio and text makes describing complex concepts easier to understand.

This flat and informative style suits a constrained, sensitive message, and where using people to show a product or service is not recommended. Suitable for industries such as Pharma and HR, Health and Safety.

3D Animation Video

In 3D Animation videos, characters have both height, width but also depth. Think ‘How to Train your Dragon / Toy Story’. This is a much more skilful animation as there are a lot more elements at play in terms of detail / lighting / character movement and rendering time.

3D animation is suitable for entertainment related companies, radio stations, heritage centres, retail stores. Perfect for simulating a real world scenario – perfect for training, gaming and orientation.

Drone Video

Modern drones are compact, silent, and small. Perfect for on-location use. Drone Shoot video uses drones to provide excellent ‘context shots’ with panoramic views, and aerial photography of landscapes etc.

Very useful for showcasing plant, factories, cityscapes, hospitals and scenic visitor attractions. It’s also suitable for showcasing large sites like plants factories, hospitals, sport facilities, farms and real estate. 

Green Screen Video

Green Screen video allows you to replace a green background with another image or scene. Perfect for newscasting, weather forecasting, motion picture, and video gaming industries use this technique.

It’s suitable for interviews, conferences, reports, and enhancing internal and external communications. Works well for insurance companies, financial companies, legal companies, and healthcare companies.

Live Stream Video

Live stream video is useful for showcasing PLC annual results broadcasts, Live sports events, ceremonies, company townhalls, entertainment shows. Also suitable for college graduations, ceremonies. Multi-camera shooting techniques are used to broadcast to mobile, desktop, PC, or laptops.

Use Live Stream to reach their audience from any venue countrywide.

Podcast Video

Podcasts are audio-only recordings that can be presented as a number of episodes in a series or as a one-off episode . They are typically “top and tailed” with an intro and outro music sting.

A modern, cost-effective way to promote your business through the internet and build an audience. Useful to the sales and marketing sectors.

Live Action Video

Buyers want to relate to who they’re buying from, something that’s especially true for small businesses. Live Action Video is a great dynamic storytelling option. It develops a relationship between brand and customer by conveying product and services effectively as seen in the real world.  

Live Action is suitable to showcase products or services. Works well for Gyms, Hotels, Concerts, Events.

Corporate Communications Video

Enhance your corporate communications and PR strategy or your sales pitch with video content that uses a mix of video styles.

Turn your corporate events and keynote speakers into informative, shareable, video content. Generate social proof with testimonials videos and case studies. Recruit and educate your team with good internal communications using video stories.