Don’t Pay For Website Twice

How many times have you bought something only to lose it shortly afterwards or forget it in a cafe? Annoying isn’t it? Now imagine if the item cost you €1,000 or more; you would probably be beside yourself! This is close to how you would feel if you had paid for a website only to have it disappear within the

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Avoid Surprises – Insist on a Requirements Doc For Your New Website

 I have just finished writing the fourth website requirements document for many clients in just a few weeks, and I am amazed by how important these documents are to the success of the overall web development process for both the client and the developer. While some websites are quite straightforward and require little more than the ability to change the

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Help Us Help You – Sending an Image

Almost everyday, our designers ask our clients for their logo, or an image, and typically, we receive a .jpg image file which is often a low-resolution copy. When we inform the client that this won’t work for insertion in a brochure and that we need an editable format, we discover that many don’t know how this works. Sometimes we get comments like “can’t you

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