Marketing Must-Haves for the 2020 National Ploughing Championships

  Here are the 10 essential marketing must-haves, you’ll be needing at Ireland’s biggest annual trade show. The next National Ploughing Championships in takes place on the 17-18th September, Ballintrane, Fenagh, Co Carlow and will have more than 1700 exhibitors and close to 300,000 visitors in 2019. Ready to amplify your pulling power at this event in a sea of

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7 Reasons To Contact Your Customers – Nurture Customer Relationships

Sensible Tips That Nurture Customer Relationships Scan this blog for common sense reasons for contacting customers in person, and ways to use inside sales teams to develop more business.  Pick up easy-to-use scripts and methods for learning more about your customers. We also include a seasonal calendar for getting in touch. It doesn’t have to be a call, especially if

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7 Print Finish Terms Every SME Owner & Marketer Needs To Know

Your Snappy Guide to Print Finishes Starts Here Get the best look, feel and results from your print jobs. Understand what different print finishes mean, and how they can be used, and what’s involved in print finishing.   A Snapshot of Print History Ever since Johannes Gutenberg released the first Printing Press 1.0. technology has changed our ability to reproduce

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