Directional Signage And Wayfinding [COVID-19 Update]

Directional and Safety Signage for COVID-19 Social Distancing.

Make it Clear, Safe And Easy to Find. COVID-19 Floor signs, Stickers, Wayfinding.

Meeting Regulatory requirements around Coronavirus Social Distancing and Safety protocols is a must for any business.
Installing suitable and accurate directional signage that will aid both staff and guests in your workplace environment could not be easier with an
informed risk assessment consultation with your local Snap Centre. Take doubt and confusion away from working practices around Health and Safety,
Fire Safety Regulations, Traffic Management and Crowd Control.

We can help you do the following:

  • COVID-19 Floor stickers
  • Social Distancing signage
  • COVID-19 signs for workplace
  • Mark Exits, Entrances and Bathrooms
  • Indicate Stairwells, Elevators & Escalators
  • Signpost Office & Conference rooms
  • Highlight Hazards, Emergency Aids and Health & Safety Notices
  • Provide Navigational Signs and Directories.
  • Direct Footfall and Traffic
  • Establish Queue Management and Crowd Control
  • Mark out Prohibited Areas



Covid 19 Safety Signage Service

Covid-19 Physical Distancing Signage

The Coronavirus Covid-19 Safety signage available from Snap is designed to make your business safer and help to protect your staff and customers alike. The easily applied vinyl stickers are suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use giving simple and easy to follow direction on Covid-19 best practices, All stickers can be delivered to you quickly for no hassle self application. To ensure your business is adhering to physical distancing procedures contact your local Snap Centre for up to date signage advice.

Suitable for all types of businesses including offices to retail outlets, hospitals, schools, colleges, food companies and industrial manufacturing

 Physical distancing signage includes directional floor stickers, wall graphics, pull up banners and posters.
 Using safety colours of yellow and red.
 Stickers are anti slip and durable.
 Anti-slip vinyl for short term use, or a vinyl and anti-slip laminate for medium to long term use.
 Free standing sneeze guards have been developed for retail pay points protecting staff and customers without damaging your counter top.
 Protective clothing with physical distancing graphics are also available.
 Your local Snap Centre will offer advice on which signage pack is the best option for your requirements


Here are the many products and solutions that we can supply

Make your premises or venue a safe, easy to navigate location with:

  • Physical Distancing markers, banners, floor wraps and stickers
  • Finger-pointer Signs
  • Directional Signage
  • Reception and information signs
  • Totems, Post & panel signs
  • Safety signs
  • Reflective Markings
  • Hazard Warning Tape
  • Standard Road Signage
  • Health & Safety Signs
  • Digital Signage
  • Crowd Control barriers
  • Queuing Systems

Create a quality experience for everyone and every space.