How to keep hands squeaky clean at work

How to keep hands squeaky clean at work.


In the time ahead, it is likely that the experience of living through the coronavirus crisis will leave a long-lasting impression on how our workplaces function and indeed our behaviour towards health and hygiene.

One standout area in our changed behaviour will be the focus on hand health. To maintain great hand hygiene Sean Murray, Snap Ireland CEO suggests each business will need a sanitising station with a regular liquid supply (ideally made in Ireland). He recommends taking some time to research the right sanitising unit and more importantly the sanitising liquid for your business.

Sanitising Units

Consideration should be given to a sanitising unit that will last the distance. Issues that you need to think about include;

  • Is there hand contact involved?
  • What volume does it hold?
  • How often does it have to be refilled?
  • Do batteries have to be changed?
  • Will it leave a dripping residue on the floor?
  • Can I have my own brand colours?
  • Is it suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

Snap provides a number of sanitising options at varying price points to address immediate requirements – all of which have branding potential.

  • Retail may need the stand to accommodate liquid, gloves and a bin.
  • Offices may require wall mounted units with a backing board spread around the office.
  • High foot traffic areas/entrances may require the foot operated versions, which hold higher volumes.

A popular favourite in the Snap range is the foot-operated sanitising unit, with multiple branding options. The free-standing unit will hold up to 5 litres of liquid, resulting in a substantial time saving in refilling, especially where a business has a good number of units throughout its premises, and it avoids any hand contact, or requirements for battery changes. The unit has been designed to efficiently disperse the required amount of sanitising liquid and therefore wastage is greatly reduced, resulting in less refill – therefore less cost in sanitising liquid.



Sanitising Liquid

Most importantly, stay within regulation and only purchase sanitisers that are governed by either Cosmetic Products Regulation or Biocidal Products Regulation.

Both have different functions;

Cosmetic regulated products tend to focus on keeping the hands clean and skin in good condition, and are normally associated with “personal hygiene “.

Biocidal Products typically contain an active substance, such as an Alcohol, and are focused more on disinfection, reducing cross contamination and controlling harmful organisms.

Sean warns: “act in haste, repent at leisure”. There is a proliferation of products being offered on the market, both Alcohol based and Alcohol Free, and many make claims such as “kills Corona Virus “, “Kills Bacteria”, “Antibacterial “etc. These claims may not actually be false, but the fact is that most are unproven.

Snap advises to only consider products which are formulated to the World Health Organisation’s formulations for Antimicrobial Hand rub, as these have been developed over many years and are proven by WHO to be effective. Those formulations contain either 75% (v/v – e.g. concentration) of Iso-propyl Alcohol, or 80% (v/v) of Ethanol as the active substances.

The first indicator as to whether a product is actually approved is to look for a PCS number on the label. This will be a 5 or 6-digit number and will specifically say PCS: XXXXXX.

Once there is a PCS number present, then it’s possible to check the product further on the following register, which is updated every few weeks by DAFM (Dept of Agriculture, Food and Marine) Biocides Division: 2020-04-30 Register of approved PT1 Human Health Products

When it comes to workplace safety for your business Snap have the right solution for you, in the palm of their hands.

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