The Value Of Business Cards

Think about how many times you could be handing out your business card to potential clients, contacts and friends of friends. It’s a small but powerful tool.

Why Bother With Business Cards

Business cards say a lot about your brand, how it looks and feels matters. It is a tactile marketing piece that can be engaging and interactive. A quality business card should be the backbone of any good stationery suite.

Business cards are second only to a website as the most important marketing tool for business owners. It is one of the first impressions you’ll be sending out about your business.

It has multiple uses:

  • Provide important contact details
  • Show off your brand and marketing message
  • Provide easy to find contact details
  • List products and services
  • Drive traffic to your landing pages and social channels

Business cards deliver high impressions at low cost. They are a cost effective lead generator, lead nurturer and referral marketing tool.