Business Card Type

The many ways to present a business card

Consider which type suits you:

  • Standard: Great as you start-up your business and bootstrap.
  • Premium: Use a high-grade stock, exra varnish, die-cutting for a bespoke shape and special crisp colours
  • Matte finish: Denote subtlety. Matte stock or matte coating, gives the tactile feel of satin or silk, Make a statement about your taste, aesthetic and exclusivity.
  • Recycled paper: Recycled paper gives a matte finish, and shows you take corporate responsibility seriously.
  • Gloss finish: High-impact gloss intensifies colours using gloss paper or a varnish. Gloss improves durability. They can survive any pocket, wallet or cardholder.
  • Appointment cards: Don’t let them miss a meeting with appointment cards.
  • Embossed Business Cards: Give the impression of quality and well-thought out design whilst standing out. Embossing can look completely different across a variety of paper stocks.

Ready to make the best first impression you can?