Business Card Design

Are you ‘all business’ and highly professional? Are you a creative and cutting edge? Are you trustworthy? Are you casual and friendly?

It’s the first impression. After the meeting is over, you want them to look back at your card with a favourable opinion

How to design your business card

After designing your logo, our designers will also talk you through the key features of your business card for a professional bespoke solution.


  • Font/typeface: The choice of typeface sets the tone alongside the copy
  • Colour: The psychology of colour matters. The development of a secondary palette adds to your persona.
  • Balance: It’s all about placement. Ensure the information is user-friendly – positioned for easy readability.
  • Space: Too much information makes it impossible to focus on what’s important.
  • Back and front: A double-sided business card is a norm today. We’ll help you use that extra space efficiently. Consider adding a list of products, your mission statement, tagline or clientele.
  • Paper Stock: Get help to decide the best weight and stock type to suit your image.
  • Effects: Emboss or varnish so that your name shines.
  • Die cut: A custom shaped business card is hard to ignore.