Online Advertising

There are many forms of online advertising to choose from. All forms benefit from the enormous advantage of being completely measurable and giving you control of how much you spend. It makes the investment relatively risk-free, as you can set a low budget to start; test, measure, tweak and measure again.

Snap works with you to understand what drives interest in your business and how to convert interested prospects once they land on your page.

Display advertising

An advert for your business is displayed on another non-related website. For example, a news website or other popular-interest websites. Display ads can work well for brand awareness.

Facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising is fantastic for Business-to-Customer offers and products. While you may have built up a healthy fan base, Facebook limits your posts to your business page followers. A Facebook Post or Page Boost can have a dramatic impact on views and interactions with your brand. Facebook offers sophisticated feedback on your audience regarding location, gender, likes, status etc.

You will spend the same amount on a well-executed campaign that delivers an ROI, as you will on a badly executed campaign with no ROI.


Talk to Snap for support with your advertising, covering:

  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign graphics
  • Campaign implementation
  • Campaign monitoring





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