Augmented Reality with ALIVE24

Add Digital Content To Your Print Collateral


Link print and digital in a new fun way. Allow your audience to access even more information about your business and interact with you online through print.

Turn any brochure, window display or magazine advertisement, business card or leaflet into a portal to your website, video channel or social media pages.

All they need is a smartphone and the Alive 24 app (free to download).


A Magazine advertisement that plays a video,

A Property flyer that gives a 360-degree tour of the location,

A Prospectus that gives face-to-face alumni testimonials and interviews,

A Festival Programme that plays trailers,

A Product catalogue that shows you how to assemble each item.

A Recipe that gives you a mouth watering visual of every dish…

What can YOU imagine?

Talk to a Snap centre about bringing your printed material to life.

Why bother with Augmented Reality?

You’ve invested in digital content, made the video, built the social media pages, wrote great blogs and took great pictures. Augmented reality is another way to turn your real world audiences into traffic and engage them with useful information.

Particularly useful for more involved purchases such as holidays, tours, consumer durables, property and educational courses. Augmented reality allows your prospective customer to get more hands on knowledge about your products and services.

Our services include:

  • Printing your collateral
  • Setting up your Digital Content  on the ALive24 App
  • Designing Graphics
  • Creating Landing Page

Ready to bring your 2-dimensional images to life?




You can superimpose digital content, such as demo videos, visual content, social media buttons and calls to action over your printed collateral.

Just use our ALIVE24 augmented reality app on any smartphone.

  • Print the Alive24 Symbol on your relevant collateral where augmented content is available.
  • The user just downloads the app  on their Smartphone for free via Google Play or Apple  App Store
  • Position the Phone Scanner over the printed image for 10 seconds
  • Voila! Additional videos, graphics, landing pages or social media buttons will appear on screen

How To Use The Alive 24 App


How does it work and what sort of device do people need to see the Alive Augmented Reality feature?

Very easy. Download ALIVE 24 for free on ANY Android or iOS device and hold your device over anywhere you see our ALIVE icon and watch the magic.

How will my Audience know my printed product is Alive and Ready with Augmented Reality?

We can supply a small image to be added to your product that explains how it works or you can design your own with our logo for your product. Please see the image below as an example.

How long does it take for something to be made ALIVE?

Within 24 hours of us receiving the video/image content and required button links, Mon-Friday.

How do I submit an image to be made ALIVE with Augmented Reality?

Speak to you local Snap dealer and they will give you all relevant details.

What if I don’t have a video?

Sign-up for 3 months or longer, send us up to 12 high quality pictures and we will make the initial video slide-show for free. All subsequent changes or new video slide shows will be at an extra cost.

What buttons can I have in my Content overlay?

Any buttons you wish as long as you have somewhere to link it too ( Website, Facebook, Book Now, Shop etc. You can use our stock buttons or if you wish to supply us with your own designed buttons we would be happy to integrate them for you to your project.

 I want to change the video on my Alive feature. Is it possible?

Yes, with one change per month being free of charge, provided you supply the video.