What is Social Media and How Can it Help Your Business


There really can’t be anyone left in the business world who doesn’t know about the power of Social Media for business. And if you say “Oh that’s not for me…it’s over my head…I’m not tech-savvy….my business doesn’t need it…”, well then go and stand on the timeout step as you must be punished!

For the uninitiated, the term ‘Social Media’ came about in the early Nineties to describe the proliferation of online communications channels that started to spring up around then. These channels were built on the foundations of Web 2.0, and encouraged a culture of user-generated input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. It has fundamentally transformed the way businesses communicate with their audience and customers, so that what used to be a one-way channel has now become as two-way dialogue.

Just have a look at these stats and try not to let your mind be blown:


  • For the 7.2 billion people on the planet, 3 billion of them are active Internet users, and two-thirds of THEM have social media accounts.


Yup. It can be hard to get your head around those numbers, especially when you consider that all this has exploded within the last 10 years. And this is before we even mention the percentage of people who access their accounts on mobile devices – a staggering number (maybe 1.7 billion) which is growing daily.

So in the space of just a few years, social media has grown to dominate how we interact and communicate with each other, and – for businesses – with our customers. If you’re not on the bandwagon, you’ll certainly be left behind.


What are the benefits of Social Media?

  • Social media is an easy way to learn about your audience. Once you ‘know’ them, you can target them according to demographic, location, age etc. And it’s a good idea to use the social networks that fit with your company and brand. Discover where your customers are hanging out, and focus on them!
  • Social media allows instant feedback from your customers, and you can gain valuable insights into their opinion on your brand. You can discover what people are saying about you, analyse this data, and then create positive traction to use it to your benefit. This is where savvy use of hashtags comes in! These can be used to monitor mentions about your company, track campaign performance, follow events, and even examine what your competitors are doing.
  • You can foster meaningful relationships with your customers and create a dialogue with your audience, something traditional advertising and marketing will never accomplish.
  • You can increase brand awareness and reach with a very reasonable budget – much more cost-effective than traditional marketing channels.
  • Social media can help to increase traffic to your website. Customers will respond to an attractive Call-To-Action, and could also share your details among their social network. The more shares you receive on social media, the higher your ranking in the search results pages.
  • Your content can be shared a lot easier and faster with social media. But be sure that your content aligns with your brand and interests your audience. Use content that has meaning for your customers, whether it’s funny, technical, cutesy or informative. You can be a source of appealing information for your user, and hopefully something they will like, comment on, and share.


All of that is a lot to consider. And if you’re new to the concept of using Social Media for Business, then you’ll have trouble knowing where to start.

This is where we come in! We have Social Media specialists who can help you determine which channels are best for your brand, what to say, and when to say it. We have the experience and knowledge to help you make the best strategic decisions for your business when it comes to navigating the Social Media landscape.


So #TalkToSnap today and leave your Social Media in the hands of the professionals.



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