Save a Packet on Print


 5 Quick Tips For Saving on Print


1.    Snap Specials

We have ongoing special pricing for Business Cards, Letterheads, Leaflets and Booklets. They are produced on specific paper stocks and usually once a week. Feel free to ask us for more information.



2.    Our Advice

We are always delighted to share our knowledge and expertise. We can advise on Layout, Design, Shape, Colour, Paper and even digital media like e-Publications, Video, Websites and SmartText.


3.    Special Offers

Check out our website and printed materials for our current offers on everything from Promotional Products, Banners and Signage to Stationery Suites and Web-design.


4.    Buy in Bulk

The larger the quantity the lower the cost per unit, but make sure you are getting value for money. There is no point in getting 5000 leaflets if you can only use 2000. Perhaps you can run two or three campaigns together and avail of the bulk savings.  You could re-design your material so that it can be used in other areas of your business, for example, your letterhead can also be used for printing invoices, statements, quotations and purchase orders!


5.    Design

Good design will pay for itself. If your marketing piece isn’t clear and understandable, if it’s cluttered or too text heavy, if there is no clear call to action and clear instructions on how to complete that action, then you will have wasted time and money for little or no results. Ask an independent opinion on your material before you print or better still, ask the experts at Snap! #TalktoSnap

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