When Print Advertising Cuts Through Online Clutter


Recent research shows print advertising is more effective than online, contrary to conceived wisdom

IN&M Research in 2016 shows the Power of Print advertising still matters in our cluttered world wide web

In this digital era, print advertising is actually quite efficient.

Here are the facts

  • 25% of all sales delivered by media is driven by print advertising
  • An average of 10% of landing page visits are delivered by print advertising.
  • Every €1 spent in print advertising returns up to €39 for the retail sector
  • Print advertising returns up to €35 for every €1 spent in the travel sector on advertising.

When Print Advertising Actually Helps Online Advertising

Print advertising also acts as an influential conduit driving customers to other channels.

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The Conceived Wisdom: Web Marketing Rules

The benefits of marketing and advertising online are numerous. It’s highly tuned targeting techniques, trackable behaviour in real-time and granular levels of measurement are irresistible

Begin close to the search end of the funnel makes it an attractive place to position your ads. It’s easier to capture audiences who have visited you before and who are showing interest in something you offer.

With the advent of mobile marketing, geo – location brings you even close to your customer However, the web world is a cluttered world

When Done Right, Content is King and Print Wears the Crown.

People will always seek useful information online whether it’s via handy business websites, clever email newsletters and genuinely engaging social networks.

But your businesses may have limited Adwords budgets. If you don’t have the time to create amazing videos and social media apps. that need to get the word out about their products, services, promotions and offers.print continues to achieve excellent results for businesses of all sizes. This is especially true for

Print will still get the word out if designed with the customer in mind.

Print continues to achieve excellent results for businesses of all sizes.

People love talking about the new. But guess what, more Millenials are discovering the joys of the analogue, the tactile ways of sending out a message.

Print is quietly bringing in the business.

Here’s why.

1.It’s Cluttered Up in the Cloud…

In more ways than one, print helps you stand out from the cloud

Saturation and competition for select keywords can it a more challenging advertising space when it comes to PPC.

Thanks to the speed at which we consume the headlines in our news feeds, Human attention spans diminishing every day. According to scientists in Canada,  average human attention spans have fallen. We are no better than goldfish.  Attention spans are now down from 12 seconds in 2000, (the time smarter phones began to appear) to 8 seconds.

The advent of online banner ad-blockers, pop-up box blockers and more stringent spam filters is proof that our tolerance of online advertising is on the wane.

Advertising content and email marketing are often seen as a distraction, and just as easy to delete or ignore.

2. Print In the Eyes of the Consumer

Did you know…

A Nielsen consumer survey report on advertising found that catalogues and flyers have the highest impact on people’s buying decisions:

  • 62% of the 9000 interviewed rated them as the top effective advertising channel.
  • Ahead of TV with 52%.
  • Only 12% felt online display advertising was the most effective.
  • Personalised direct print mail (29%) was seen as more effective than email marketing (25%).

3. Print and the Millennials

An experiment conducted at the Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology at Bangor University proved that printed material created deeper impressions on the brain.

As part of a Quad/Graphics Customer Focus 2014 Research Study of people 18-34 years of age, advertising material was shown to the participants on a screen and on paper and the MRI scanner determined deeper stimuli when paper ads where held in the hand:

  • 77% of millennials pay attention to direct mail.
  • 73% to retail inserts.
  • 54% to catalogues.
  • 51% to magazines.

Compared to online materials where:

  • 51% to email marketing.
  • 50% to online ads.
  • 48% to mobile text.

4. Print And The Purchase Decision

Maintaining consumer trust is one of the fundamental parts of doing business. Studies have shown that print is considered a more trustworthy and authoritative source of information and people have a stronger emotional connection to messages delivered on paper.

Evidence of this is in the fact that when receiving unaddressed catalogues and flyers:

  • 50% of shoppers use them for price comparisons.
  • 36% go online to further investigate the offer.
  • 36% go to the store to learn more about the deal or buy.

5. Print and the Categories

IN&M Research in 2016  reveals the effect of print on promoting businesses…

  • Print advertising is up to 1.5 times more effective than radio in delivering ROI for retailers.
  • 20% of pay-per-click sales (PPCS) originate from print advertising.
  • 21% of online travel sales are achieved through print advertising.
  • 10% of total travel online visits are driven by print advertising.
  • 38% of test drives in the motoring industry are a direct result of print advertising.

6. Print and the Tactile Sensual World

Do remember the time when you were young and got a fresh new comic or another instalment of your favourite book series?

The feel smell and the glossy look of a freshly printed brochure or magazine as you settle down to your indulgent read evoke more emotions than anything in pixels.

The Proustian connection with print makes the experience unique. Witness the latest fad for unboxing. The act of opening up a really well designed and finished printed piece can be delightful.

Do more with unique and beautifully embellished print finishes, personalised messages and interesting direct mail  configurations.


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