Leaflets That Work Harder for You


The Do’s & Don’ts of Leaflet Design.

DO Treat Your Leaflets Like Adverts

Remember that a leaflet is an advert and typically you will have the same fraction of a second to attract the reader of your leaflet as you do with a reader of your ad, so make that fraction of a second count by using an engaging and magnetic title or imagery on the front with clear and concise text and a strong call-to-action.

DON’T Waste Space

If you paid for a full-page ad, how happy would you be if half the page was completely blank? I would imagine that every business person would be extremely unhappy at wasting half of their advertising spend. It is therefore amazing to me the amount of leaflets I see that only have content on one side. What a waste of promotional space! The cost of printing on both sides will cost you only a little, if any, more than a single-sided leaflet, but will allow you to say more without the leaflet being cluttered.

DON’T Fill Your Leaflet With Text

There is often a desire to give as much information as possible on your leaflet and this means lots and lots of text. Big Mistake! People don’t really like reading leaflets and so they’ll just turn off when confronted with a page full of text. Remember that you don’t need to tell the reader everything; you just need to get their attention and keep it.

DO Use An Attention Grabbing Headline

99% of the leaflets I see have the businesses name at the top. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. “Where do people start reading from?”
  2. “How long do I have to get a reader’s attention?”
  3. “How Interesting Is My Business Name?”

In case you don’t know the answers to these questions they are as follows:

  1. The Top
  2. About 2 to 5 seconds
  3. Not Very

So don’t put your business name at the top of the leaflet, but instead put in a headline that will be interesting enough to get the reader to read on.

DO Give The Reader A Reason To Contact You

If you don’t include an offer or some other good reason for the reader to take action then don’t be surprised if your response rate is poor. So include a prominent incentive like an offer or a special give-away or even a competition.

So with this basic advice you should enjoy greater success with your leaflet-based marketing.

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