Why, When and How, You Just Can’t Ignore Direct Mail


Land on your target every time with Direct Mail

Take advantage of a highly targeted, trackable and personalised approach to marketing that bypasses the inbox folders and spam blocks that your email suffers from.

Give potential customers a more tangible feel for your brand with a call-to-action that is typically measurable. Your next Direct Mail campaign can be tailored to specific recipients; such as a potential customer for your business.

When to use Direct Mail?

It’s the marketing tactic that delivers:

  • Local brand awareness
  • Targeted offers to grow business
  • Referral marketing to increase Word of Mouth
  • Cross selling opportunities
  •  For cut-through and customer tactile experience
  • Sensitive/personal information
  • Keep information top of mind i.e. catalogue

Why Direct Mail still works

Did you know:

  •  Mail preference still dominates six out of ten communication categories.
  • Preference to receive both mail and email continues to show steady growth for the majority of communication categories.
  • People like multiple options to address their different needs.
  • People desire the credibility of mail and the portability of email.

What you will get from Direct Mail

Benefits of Direct Mail include:

  • Increase responses: Personalised campaigns generate as much as 500% more responses. Unlike an email sitting in a person’s inbox, a piece of direct mail marketing can be held in the prospective customer’s hands.
  • Increase ROI: Personalised marketing campaigns can be up to 15 times more effective. Your direct mail message doesn’t have to compete for attention with other advertising messages.
  • Greater sales: Personalised campaigns attract motivated buyers.
  • Repeat sales: Personalised print sends an effective message to attract past clients.
  • Repeat sales cost less to get than getting new customers to buy from you.

Here’s what Snap does for your Direct Mail campaign

Snap can easily transform a newsletter, brochure, letter or postcard into a targeted piece of communication. Our Designers will generate a more visual marketing message.

Using your database we can contact your clients individually by personalising the Direct Mail piece with their first and last names. If you don’t have a database, a Direct Mail campaign can help you create one by offering incentives to sign-up.

Unaddressed Mail is a cost-effective way to build local awareness for your business and build a database.

Unleash your Database

Have you built a valuable database of prospects? Let Snap help you design and deliver them a clear message!



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