What is Content Marketing and How Can it Help Your Business?


Rather than start with a long-tail definition of Content Marketing and what it involves, let’s look at it from your perspective.

You’re a business. You sell goods. Or maybe you provide a service.  You have something to offer and you can fulfill a need. But whatever you’re doing, you need an audience to do it to. You need to get in front of them, engage them, convert them, and keep them coming back for more.

It’s every business’s challenge, and it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd.


Content Marketing and your business

So, how can YOU stand out and deliver what the customer is looking for? One answer – Information.

And that’s where Content Marketing comes in – It’s the process of developing and delivering relevant, valuable and engaging information in order to target an audience and increase business. Simple as that!

Think about it, the marketplace is so noisy now, with consumers bombarded by sales pitches at every turn and through every channel. Content marketing is different because by providing information to your audience, in the form of articles, blog posts and even fun quizzes on Facebook, you are making the buyer more intelligent and offering value. The goal of a content marketing strategy is to be rewarded with the buyer’s custom and loyalty, once you can consistently deliver relevant and helpful information to them.


Content is King

As Bill Gates once said, “Content is King”, and this is truer now than ever before. It is the point of difference between a business that places ads everywhere and ‘shouts’ at the customer, and a business that delivers knowledge and information, and engages the customer. But this can’t be just a case of writing a couple of articles and posting them on your website or your social media channels. You need a consistent and well-planned strategy of providing compelling and helpful information that your audience is seeking. But where do you start?



This is where we come in!

Snap can work with you to devise a Content Marketing plan which will compliment your other marketing efforts, and ultimately drive your audience to take action. We can help you craft a strategy that builds your credibility, develops trust, and creates a meaningful and ongoing relationship with your customers. It’s an altogether more personal approach, which is proving very successful even with the large corporate organisations.

So let us help you to create a conversation with your communities. We can develop tailored, targeted and share-worthy content in any form you choose, whether it’s a news article, social media post or YouTube video. Good Content Marketing makes a person stop, read and think. It’s personal, interactive, attractive, and it WORKS.


So #TalkToSnap today and leave your Content Marketing in the hands of the professionals.



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