Beware! Domain Name Renewal Notices


I have an important warning regarding a scam that is becoming more prevalent recently.

Over the last couple of months I have received a number of phone calls from clients informing me of letters they have received from various “organisations” regarding their domain names.

These letters look like very official documents and are essentially domain name renewal notices, but they are a SCAM!

I am strongly advising all my clients to IGNORE these letters and if you have received one recently, unless you know the company who has sent it to you, then you should ignore it too.

By responding to these letters you will set into motion one of two potential outcomes:


  1. The “Legitimate” Scam (from Domain Renewal Group Of America)

    This letter is written to make it look like your domain name is due for renewal, when in some cases you may have a year or more before renewal is required.

    This is not an illegal thing to do, it’s just not very ethical. If you complete their order form, your domain name will then be transferred to this new company and your website may stop working. Resolving this situation will then take time and your website may be down for some days or even weeks. Something that is not acceptable to any business.

  2. The Expensive Scam

    This is particularly nasty, in that the letter looks like a simple renewal notice. But be very careful as there is a clause at the bottom in very small writing that is linked to the payment form.

    Basically you think you are renewing your domain, but you are actually signing up for a very expensive pseudo-service costing $2,000 – $3,000! The first you’ll know of it is when your credit card bill arrives showing this payment and good luck trying to get it back!


The bottom line is that my company contacts our clients directly regarding these matters and so the company that created your website, or alternatively the company that you registered the domain with, is the only company you should be dealing with when it comes to renewing your domain name or your hosting.

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