Attraction Marketing Vs. Pursuit Marketing


 I think every business owner would agree that it is far more pleasurable picking up the phone to someone who wants to do business with you than it is to make a phone call to try and convince someone to do business with you. It sounds like Nirvana to have customers ring you and say the magic words “can you help me with…” or “can you provide me with…”, etc.

But actually it’s not impossible, it just takes thought, time, effort and in some cases a little money (but not as much as traditional marketing).

We all know what Pursuit Marketing is, even if we’ve never heard of it before.

You sell widgets, so you decide to run an ad to promote them. Being a smart business owner, you create a great design and include a compelling message plus an attractive offer.

But here’s the problem; The vast majority of people who see the ad are not interested in buying widgets that day and the reader of the ad who is interested doesn’t know you and so doesn’t trust you. So even if he/she calls about the ad, you still have to “sell” to them!

In short, pursuit marketing is every form of marketing and selling that pushes your services/products without giving knowledge or trying to build rapport and trust.

So in simple terms, Attraction Marketing is the exact opposite.

Forget about directly promoting your products/services, forget about selling and simply focus on building trust and getting your customers to know and like you.

The web is the easiest platform for attraction marketing, with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and E-Zines, you have plenty of opportunities to “connect” with your customer-base. But attraction marketing can easily apply to our everyday, offline world too.

Why Should You Consider Attraction Marketing?

It’s pretty simple really.

As consumers we all like to buy but we don’t like to be “sold” to. We all fundamentally distrust advertising and hate giving money to people we don’t know. But we somehow feel better buying when we have made the choice to do so rather than it feeling like it was forced on us and we definitely like to buy from people we know and feel comfortable with.

So Attraction Marketing allows you to overcome all these issues around being an unknown seller by allowing you to become a trusted adviser.

So What Do You Need To Implement Attraction Marketing?

Pursuit Marketing, if you had money, could be successful with even a minor amount of thought and planning.

With Attraction Marketing, money is not the most important component; you are! You need to show your potential customers that you know what you are doing, that they can trust you to look after them and that you are there to guide them to the right choice rather than sell them a lemon! In order to achieve this you need to plan your strategy and give it the time it needs.

How Do You Implement Attraction Marketing?

I have already said that if you are looking for an online Attraction Marketing strategy then you would be off to a good start by blogging and tweeting, etc.

“But what do I say?” I hear you ask – Come on, you are all experts in your field and I bet if I spent just 5 minutes with you, you could come up with 20 different tips and suggestions that could save your customers time, money and help them avoid problems! This is where the thought comes in, so spend the time to think about what you would say and then plan a schedule for your blogs and tweets. It doesn’t have to be daily but keep it regular.

Also remember you are NOT trying to sell, but you can drop in the odd sales message. There’s nothing wrong with saying you have an offer of widgets if you are giving advice on how to use/install them. Just remember the 80/20 rule. Keep your blogs/newsletters 80% informational and 20% sales.

As previously mentioned, you can equally apply attraction marketing to the offline world. Just keep in mind that the goal of attraction marketing is for you to become a magnet for new customers, so let’s take estate agents as an example and review what kinds of offline attraction marketing techniques they could use:

  1. Run advertorials instead/as well as adverts.
  2. Run regular informational seminars on how best to prepare a home for selling or on buying/negotiation techniques.
  3. Distribute useful information on particular subjects by leaflet.
  4. Implement a referral program.
  5. Spend more time just talking to their clients rather than trying to sell to them. Ask questions that allow them to impart their knowledge.
  6. Spend time understanding your clients’ “problem” and create a “solution” then let people know about it.
  7. They may have an opinion on something so should let people know. They should become the local advocate on important local issues.
  8. Network and become a core player in local networking and chamber groups.


In summary, Attraction Marketing is about selling YOU without actually “selling”. So you devise ways to let people know you exist, that you care and that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy and they will come to you.

Just commit to it and give it time.

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