18 Reasons Why Visual Marketing Counts


As humans, we are naturally drawn to images. Investing in design has never been more essential especially if it’s your job to communicate to prospective customers.

Here is the evidence:


18 Reasons Why VISUAL MARKETING is Essential

Visual communication is fast

  • It is possible to recognize a brand in less than a second.
  • People process images 60,000 times faster than text.
  • People form a first impression in a mere 50 milliseconds.
  • In fact 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.



18 Reasons Why VISUAL MARKETING is Essential

Great design bypasses short attention spans

  • People don’t read, they scan. We have too much to absorb, in too little time.
  • We only read about 20% of the text on an average page.
  • Articles with images get 94% more views than those without relevant images.
  • Eye-tracking studies show Internet readers pay more attention to information-carrying images.
  • Colour increases reader’s’ attention spans by 82%.



18 Reasons Why VISUAL MARKETING is Essential

Visual content aids memory

  • Colour makes an impression that is 39% more memorable.
  • Colour can improve readership by 40%, learning from 55-78%, and comprehension by 73%.
  • Any image is better than none even if in monochrome.
  • People retain 6.5 times more information when it is paired with relevant images.



18 Reasons Why VISUAL MARKETING is Essential

Visuals are picked up, viewed, shared, & liked more often

  • For starters, coloured visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.
  • People are 55% more likely to pick up a full-colour piece of mail first.
  • Advertisements in colour are read up to 42% more often than the same ads in black and white (as shown in study on phone directory ads).
  • Did you know visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content?
  • Infographics for example, are liked and shared on social media 3 times more than other any other type of content.




18 Reasons Why VISUAL MARKETING is Essential

Visual Marketing converts viewers to users

  • We’ve all suffered at the hands of slides filled with text. Presentations with visual aids are 43% more persuasive.
  • In fact, people following directions with text and illustrations do 32% better than people following directions without illustrations.
  • Take it further with video. Video on a landing page increased conversions by 86%.


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