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Social media marketing allows you to connect with your customers in a meaningful way and repeatedly over an extended period of time. No other marketing technique can match it in creating brand awareness and engagement.

The social media phenomenon started at the turn of the century and has turned the world of digital marketing on its head. Social media marketing should therefore be a key element in any company’s digital marketing strategy.

The problem we hear time and again from customers is “I just don’t have the time” and “I don’t know where to start”. Snap can solve both problems and create a social media presence that will raise your brand and company to new levels.



Our Social Media Marketing Offering


Social media is about telling your story, being you, having fun, asking questions and just a little bit of selling. But most companies miss the mark or get the balance wrong. Others begin with good intentions but ‘real business’ quickly takes over and their social media pages are left abandoned.

At Snap we can help:

  • Worried about cost? Don’t be. We charge a low per-minute fee so you only pay for what you use. No scary retainers with Snap.
  • We’ll meet with you to define the right social media channels and strategy to meet your business needs.
  • We’ll get to know your business so we can find, create and post content that promotes your company and products/services
  • We’ll create an effective and practical plan that incorporates a posts calendar, so you know what we’re going to share and when.
  • We’ll share all data and analysis with you so you can see how your campaign is going.
  • We’ll review with you on a monthly basis and plan the activities for the following month.
  • We’re flexible, so you can increase or decrease your spend to suit seasonality.

If you would like to investigate or kick-off a social media marketing campaign, call us on 1850 812 002 or fill in our Quote Form to talk to one of our digital marketing experts now.


Our Recent Work
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    U Store It

    Client Brief: As Ireland’s leading self storage company, UStoreIt wanted to raise their profile across Ireland. They understood that Digital Marketing was the way to go and wanted to work with a partner that could help them achieve their goals.

    Snap Solution: We began a complete digital marketing program covering Adwords search and display ads, content creation/article writing, SEO, promotional videos, social media management and a number of other minor activities. This has been running since mid 2013.


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    Tiles online

    Client Brief: The client wanted to significantly increase their online ad spend through Google Adwords. They had implemented their own campaign but felt that it could be improved further and asked Snap to review and implement changes and then train them on how to manage the account moving forward.

    Snap Solution: Snap implemented a full review of all campaigns in the account, covering core settings, keywords, ad text and conversion goal settings. We then ran the campaigns for two weeks to further optimise the account and finally ran a hand-over training meeting.


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    Client Brief: To go hand-in-hand with their new website RVF requested Snap to create an Adwords campaign and to manage the campaign for them while they focus on running their steel fabrication business.

    Snap Solution: We created an account with multiple campaigns to focus on different aspects of their business. Having created and launched the campaigns we now manage them providing monthly reports on the account’s performance.


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    Generali International

    Client Brief: Generali International is a leading provider of financial and investments products. They wanted to launch a blog to provide useful information to expats around the world of varied subjects related not only to finance and investments, but also on lifestyle, technology and events to name a few.

    Snap Solution: We initially created a blog, built on a responsive design that complemented their corporate theme. We then worked with their marketing team and on our own initiative to edit & optimise articles provided to us and to create articles from scratch. We also manage the promotion of the articles through Generali International’s social media sites.


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    Cabana Cafe

    Client Brief: Cabana Cafe is surrounded by businesses large and small and so wanted to increase their presence to those customers for lunch and catering services.

    Snap Solution: Having delivered a new responsive website for them we also created a Facebook business account and began promoting their offerings and running competitions to gain awareness.